30-Day Momentum Challenge: 30 Days to Build Unstoppable Momentum



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and Learn how to Build Unstoppable Momentum

“If only I could turn off the world and focus, I’d get SO much done!”

Wishful thinking in 24/7 connected, go-go-go world, especially when it seems the universe is conspiring against us. But focus is the key to building momentum.

“You just can’t get there from here!”

Yes you can. It may mean changing your habits, creating new boundaries and reexamining your priorities, but YES (and double yes) – you can get there from here, there or anywhere.

Tell me if this sounds at all familiar…

It’s Monday morning and your week is jam-packed and you have a list 8 miles long of what you hope to accomplish and BAM – it happens!

Your day gets sidetracked… You are bulldozed by stuff…email, voicemail, telephone calls, emergencies, technical glitches!

And before you know it, it’s the end of the day and you have accomplished NOTHING on your list.

It’s not uncommon. In fact, it’s the #1 complaint I hear again and again…getting more done, staying focused, fighting against the distractions!

That’s why we put together the 30-Day Momentum Challenge. 30-Days, 30 experts, one single focus: how to build unstoppable momentum!

Going from Zero to Unstoppable

Notice we left off the in 60 seconds flat? Being unstoppable doesn’t mean moving at lightning speed (although it does help). It means clearing the path and building unstoppable momentum – taking one step, then another and another until you reach your goal.

For the MOMeo Community 30-Day Momentum Challenge, we’ve invited leading experts, mom entrepreneurs and a few Dads too to share their secrets to building unstoppable momentum!

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