Do You Dare to Dream? 7 Steps to Holistic Success by @SampsonSandra


Have you ever felt like you were playing small, limiting your joy, and compromising your talents? So many of us go through life in our comfort zone, never daring to dream big. We are just too afraid to face all the negative emotions and limiting decision that are exposed when we speak and write our dreams. Some of us may express our desire to succeed, but often our internal dialogue is out of integrity with our external dialogue.

In other words, internally we recycle thoughts of worry, fear and despair at record speed throughout the day. This is essentially self-sabotage. At one time in my life, I did not believe I could be happy, healthy and wealthy. I thought that it was impossible and quite frankly, just plain greedy. I had to let go of that limiting belief, which was not working for me. I replaced it with the belief in my authentic power.

The 7 Steps for Holistic Success will lead you to an understanding of your self imposed limitations so you can break free and live your dreams:

#1: Start With a Dream

Write your dreams on paper and allow yourself to dream without limitations. Pay attention to how you feel after you write your dreams. If you experience anxiety and fear, you may be running some limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your dreams. Ask yourself, “What would I want in my life if I did not have to be unhappy not getting it?” This may sound like a trick question, simply stated: “What would you want if you could detach from the emotions of not having it?”

#2: Get Specific With Your Goals

When you write your goals be specific. Write your goals in the present tense as if you already have what you want. Make your goals measurable so you can know when you get there. Make sure to include a specific time, including day, month and year in which you want your goal to be realized. Once you write your goals listen to your internal conversation.

#3: Step It Back

Take your end goal and step it back to create a plan. Start by defining exactly how you will know when you have achieved your goal. The next step is to create a plan by taking one step back at a time. For example, imagine your goal is to open a restaurant. The last step is opening night, the step before that is planning the launch party, some steps before that would be the construction details, picking a location, getting investors, and so on.

#4: Focus, Focus, Focus

Spend 3 minutes a day focusing on your goals. If you write your goals and then file them away, the odds are the goals are not on your radar. The best way to do this exercise is to write down all the specific details of what you want to achieve. Do this using the 3P rule. Write each statement in Present tense, use Positive language and make it Powerful. You know when it’s a powerful statement when it evokes a strong positive emotion.

#5: Give Gratitude

Gratitude is the rich soil where you plant your dreams. Start each day giving gratitude for what you experienced in the last 24 Hours. Many people delay gratitude and decide they will only be grateful when they achieve the big dreams or goals. When you delay gratitude, you delay happiness. Success does not create happiness; happiness creates success. A daily practice of gratitude will accelerate your path to Holistic Success.

#6: Visualize Success

Visualization allows you to use the power of your mind to get what you want sooner, faster, quicker. Take each goal and create a mental movie of what it looks like to achieve that goal. Feel the emotions of having achieved your goal. Take into account any sounds that are important. Spend 5 minutes each day visualizing this movie. Project your images as if there is a movie screen playing your movie right in front of you.

#7: Take Action

You are now ready to take action. The path to a goal is never a straight line, when you run into obstacles focus on your goal, give gratitude and visualize success.


About Author

Sandra Sampson is a Mom, a Board Certified NLP Master Coach, and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Sandra coaches and guides you on how to access and BELIEVE in your authentic power, VISUALIZE success in all areas of your life, CREATE your dreams with excellence and follow through for prosperity. Sandra’s mission is to be a powerful agent for transformational change. Sandra feels blessed to have received the gift of transformational change and she is inspired to be a guide for others that are ready to live their dreams. Believe-Visualize-Create! Connect with Sandra at or @SampsonSandra on Twitter!

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