Blackberry Apps – Top 10 Blackberry Apps for Work-at-Home Moms


Looking for the perfect Blackberry app to help you navigate your busy day as you go from Kindergarten helper duties to strategic planning meetings with your clients? We asked Efficiency Expert and Blackberry user, Karen Turner to share her top 10 Blackberry Apps for working moms!

Top 10 Blackberry Apps for Work-at-Home Moms

Blackberry App #1: iGallery – Your own personal digital picture frame! iGallery is an app that transforms your blackberry device into a personalized digital frame, complete with animation and your own personal touches. Create your own grouping of photos and upload it to this app and all of a sudden you can take your memories with you everywhere you go.

Blackberry App #2: SMS2Desk – Text to Email – This Blackberry app lets you receive and send SMS right from your computer. Messaging via SMS is so common and sometimes valuable information cannot be kept because you have no way to file it or document it when you receive it by text. SMS2Desk brings all your messages right to your computer allowing you to have the same capabilities that you would have when an email is sent to your desk.

Blackberry App #3: Happy Family Shared Grocery Lists – This Blackberry app is the best shopping list organizational tool out there. The beauty of this app is that it syncs wirelessly with the other people in your household so your husband will will have the same list on his device. You both can check off and add items as you go from any device or computer.

Blackberry App #4: Syncamatic – Do you hate having to remember to plug your Blackberry in so that you have the correct data on both your Blackberry and your Outlook? Then Syncamatic is an absolute must for you. It’s the perfect solution for Outlook users who are not on a Business Enterprise Server. It syncs all your calendar appointments, task lists and memos automatically!

Blackberry App #5: Spark Recipes – A cookbook on the go that houses more than then 2,000,000 recipes. I love this app because you can pull it up at the grocery store and buy everything you need. No more transposing to separate lists or forgetting ingredients. It also keeps you trying new and easy recipes. No more wondering about what to have for dinner.

Blackberry App #6: DriveSafely – Being safe while we drive is a must, not only for our safety but also for the safety of our children and others on the road. With laws being passed that require us to be hands free, this Blackberry app is perfect. It will recite texts, emails and calls that we receive.

Blackberry App #7: Kickberry – For all the moms-to-be, this is the perfect app for monitoring and recording every time the baby kicks. Each time he or she kicks, you just click a button and it keeps track of all the information for you.

Blackberry App #8: BirthBerry – Yes, it’s an app that monitors your contractions. The app calculates all the stats you need to know about how labor is progressing. You can also put everyone that you want to keep up to date on the progress of your labor into the app and it will send them periodic updates. When your baby finally does arrive, you can have the app send out a birth announcement with a personalized picture to everyone you know.

Blackberry App #9: Blackberry App World – If you like having the latest and greatest app, this app is an absolute must. This is a one-click link to all the apps that Blackberry has to offer. No more having to go through your desktop manager or through your Internet browser.

Blackberry App #10: Weather Bug – How often do we check the weather channel or news to see what the weather is going to be like? This Blackberry app lets you take the weather with you wherever you go. With the click of one button, you can check all your local weather.

If you would like more tips on working more efficiently, visit Turner Efficiency for tips and tricks on how to get more done in your workday!


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  1. hey that’s a cool list.One more important app that can help working womens a lot as children might take their Blackberry & some files etc might get deleted so for this there is an app “Secure My apps”.It helps to lock our important folders,emails,etc also it protects your data from
    accidental deletion. A must buy app for ever blackberry user 🙂

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