Building Your Social Media Fan Base: How to Get More Fans and Followers


“Success is doing what you love and making it a career but I don’t know who will pay me to drink wine while looking at Pinterest.”

You often hear people say that “playing” on social media is a waste of time. I thought that too until I did something on Twitter – by accident – that led to a $12,000 sale. That kind of makes all that time making connections and building relationships well worth the effort.

Now, I had known that I was getting opt-ins, preview call sign-ups, and lots more traffic to my website. Of course, it had to lead to more sales, but because analytics and statistics aren’t really my thing, I hadn’t bothered to examine the numbers to know what was happening.

Looking back at my social media habits, it seemed like a lot of things that seemed, to be fair, random, but looking at the numbers, I discovered they were actually working to get me more followers, more opt-in, more sign-ups for preview calls, and essentially, more sales.

I listed my methods, and created a simple social media system for myself. As I saw these strategies working over and over, I started sharing them with clients. And it turns out – they work for everyone!

How to Get More Fans and Followers on Facebook and Twitter

Let’s start today with 7 of my favorite ways to get more Facebook fans and Twitter followers:

Retweet with Comments
Clicking retweet (RT) is easy, but very few people go the extra step. Add your own thoughts when you retweet, and you will get noticed.

Follow, Follow, Follow!
Follow people who you want to follow you. It’s a simple as that. Not everyone will follow you back, but a good majority will.

Let Me Entertain You
The number one reason people follow and fan others? No, not good value. Entertainment. Be uncommon, controversial, bold, witty, daring. Entertain us!

There is a direct correlation between the frequency of your posts, and your fan or follower base. Post your valuable, entertaining information frequently.

Participate in Interactive Chats
Network virtually with others in a live Twitter Party or Facebook chat. None going on today? Create one and host it yourself!

Hold a Contest
You’ll want to use an approved app (like Wildfire) for Facebook contests. You can set them so that in order for people to participate – and win your big prize – they need to like your page.

So-so Profile?
Your profile is how people decide if they are going to follow you, or follow you back. Don’t gloss over it. Upload a fun photo, showing off your personality. And write an interesting bio that allows people to connect with who you are.

The biggest key to growing your community on Social Media is being active. If you want a big, happy, loyal following, you need to be involved.

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Nika Stewart is a lifestyle entrepreneur: A professional who has seamlessly integrated her career into her life. After building a successful career as an award-winning designer, Nika created a new business so she could spend quality time with her family. She leveraged her knowledge and developed information products that teach designers to build profitable businesses. Would you like to learn an easy way to multiply the impact of your work, so you can make more money in less time? Check out the Laptop Mom’s Teleseminar Success Kit. You can be hosting your own teleseminars – leveraging your talents and making more money – by next week! Nika discovered that other moms were also searching for businesses they could run from home, allowing the flexibility to take care of family priorities. So Nika launched to show moms how to create passive income and build a successful business... during naptime! NIKA enjoys sharing her techniques and strategies on achieving career and life happiness with her clients. She offers coaching programs, business products, and marketing systems that help entrepreneurs shape their businesses to complement their lifestyles. Check out her latest programs at Laptop Mom!


  1. Keith Townsend on

    Love these ideas. Perfect for the person looking to get online and get started. The profile page is a big one that is overlooked too much. Thanks for the awesome post

  2. Don’t forget that the quality of your followers is more important than the “quantity” of follows.

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