Building Your Tribe: How to Use Triberr to Boost Your Blog Traffic


For years, bloggers have been told to “Build your tribe, build your tribe, build your TRIBE already!” Then along came the aptly named to lend a helping hand, making the task of sharing content written by your social media peers easy (and vice versa for them to do the same for you). A win-win platform (and a favorite social media tool of MOMeo Magazine)!

How does it work, you ask? It’s simple: you join or build a tribe of bloggers who you know write good content that you think will resonate with your audience! Then you need to get in the habit of going through and approving the posts you want to share through your social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (thanks to their new interface, it takes no time at all)!

How to Use Triberr to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Share, Share, Share! — Start the tribe relationship by showing your tribe mates that you are serious about using the platform and share their content like crazy with no expectations of them returning the favor (at least not at first). As a newbie, you need to earn the respect of your tribe mates before they trust you (and for you not-so-newbies, it’s important to be consistently present).

Build Reciprocal Relationships — Watch your affinity stats (a Triberr term for people who have shared your content) to make sure you are reciprocating their shares. Chances are, you will find it’s the same people again and again so if they aren’t people you already know, take the time to get to know them either via the Triberr comments or in your social media streams.

Establish the Rules of Your Tribes — If you are setting up your own Triberr (which I highly recommend), take the time to carefully consider who you are inviting and write a thoughtful description that includes the rules of the tribe. For example, if you want to create a tight-knit group of bloggers who actively share the tribe content, put that in the description so people know what is expected before they join.

Engage with Your Tribe Mates — Chat it up in the comments or in your social media streams. If you thought their posts was amazing, head over to their blog and comment there. One of the great features of Triberr is the ability to expand your social connections by joining other tribes and getting to know those bloggers behind-the-scenes so to speak.

Watch Out for Freeloaders — Monitor the share stats by hoovering over their profile photo to see if they are: a) regularly sharing content from Triberr and/or the tribe and b) sharing YOUR content. Like many things in life, there are those who embrace it and those who abuse it — try to avoid wasting time with those who only take from the system.


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