Business 101: Free Publicity – How to Increase Your Exposure by Becoming an Expert Source


Is there anything better than getting thousands of dollars of publicity? Yes! Getting thousands of dollars of publicity for free.

Not only is it better because it doesn’t cost you a cent; it’s better because many small businesses don’t have the big budgets often needed to run a successful public relations campaign.

That’s why a free media leads service that sends or calls out for sources for articles, television appearances or online publications is so invaluable.

There’s no barrier to entry, which means there’s nothing stopping you from getting hold of eye-boggling opportunities to help increase your exposure and put you on the publicity map.

But (and speaking as someone who runs a media leads service), there’s an art to it. Just having access to the publicity leads is one thing. Converting those leads into publicity involves following a few basic rules.

5 Tips for Becoming an Expert Source for Journalists and Bloggers

#1: Open your emails ASAP – Most of these alerts appear at about the same time every day. So set this time aside to read your email alerts as soon as they appear in your inbox. (This is one case where the early bird gets the worm each and every time.)

#2: Respond IMMEDIATELY – If you’re the expert source or case study they’re looking for, respond immediately. Journalists and bloggers will often use the first source they come across who ‘fits the bill’. After all, they don’t know that you – the perfect source for their story – are out there just waiting for an opportune time to respond.

#3: Sell, sell, sell – Remember, this is a pitch, so you’ll need to ‘sell your story’ by including interesting or newsworthy information that’s likely to set you apart from the rest.

#4: Get to the point – Like everyone these days, journalists and bloggers are time poor. If you don’t make your point, and fast, it’s likely they won’t ever make it to the end of your pitch.

#5: Never, EVER spam the journalist or blogger – Do not send an off-topic pitch as it will infuriate the journalist or blogger (who is likely to have a long memory) and get you kicked off the service.

And that’s it. It’s simple, it’s likely to get you quoted as an expert source many times over and, best of all, it’s free!

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Rebecca Derrington is a busy Mom of three, and the founder of SourceBottle: a fully customized media leads service that connects expert sources with journalists and bloggers for free. Established in Australia, SourceBottle has just gone global – specifically servicing sources and the media in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and New Zealand. So if you’re looking to benefit by being quoted as an expert source, sign up today. You’ll be able to cherry pick from 30+ topics and from five source countries.


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