Business 101: More Money, Less Hours – 5 Ways to Build Leverage into your Business


So you want to make more money, but you don’t want to work more hours. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? You see people doing it, right? What are they actually doing to make more money without taking away from important family and “me” time?

It’s simple: LEVERAGE.

What is leverage?

Creating leverage in your business means to multiply the impact of your work so that you can give more value to more people without working more hours. It means that if you have one person receiving your valuable information, you could have 100 or 1,000 people receiving it (and paying you), and you do the same amount of work.

Take a service business as an example. You typically work with clients one-on-one. What if you were able to take the information that you are sharing with one client at one particular time, and share it with, let’s say, 20 clients at the same time? That is leverage.

What are successful mom entrepreneurs doing to build leverage into their businesses to make more money without sacrificing family priorities?

5 Simple Ways to Build Leverage into your Business

#1: Teach – If you are taking the time to give value, you might as well have lots of people receiving your brilliance. Teaching a class to a room full of people is a leveraged way to share your information. Want even more leverage? Teach the class as a teleseminar and invite people from all over the world to call in.

#2: Get Lazy – No need to create additional content. Multiply your income by turning what you have already done into new formats. Transcribe your classes and create an e-book. Gather your class recordings and develop a home-study course. Package your articles into a special report. Leverage the content your already have!

#3: Get S.A.D. – Systemize, Automate, Delegate. Create systems for all your business tasks to assure higher productivity and greater income. Use technology to automate tasks that take a lot of your time, and suddenly you have many more hours each week to build your business. “Clone” yourself by delegating lower-level tasks, and twice the work can be done in the same amount of time.

#4: Be Passive – Offer your value as information products. If you create an e-book or downloadable audio class, your work is done. But your program can be purchased over and over and over (while you are on vacation, while you are taking the kids to school, while you are sleeping).

#5: Your Unpaid Sales Force – Leverage your marketing efforts by having other people recommend your products and programs. How? With an online affiliate program. Affiliates earn commission only if a sale occurs, so you don’t have to pay out any money until money comes in. And you’re getting in front of many more people who would never have heard about your products (without working any more hours).

If you’re tired of trading time for money, and you are ready to create real wealth, without sacrificing other priorities, it’s time to build leverage into your business. You will create more freedom, more flexibility, and more income.

If you’d like a specific, step-by step system for creating a leveraged, freedom-based lifestyle, grab your own copy of the Laptop Mom SUCCESS System. It walks you through literally the exact steps I took to transform my service-based business model into a flexible, profitable, rewarding Laptop Mom business.


About Author

Nika Stewart is a lifestyle entrepreneur: A professional who has seamlessly integrated her career into her life. After building a successful career as an award-winning designer, Nika created a new business so she could spend quality time with her family. She leveraged her knowledge and developed information products that teach designers to build profitable businesses. Would you like to learn an easy way to multiply the impact of your work, so you can make more money in less time? Check out the Laptop Mom’s Teleseminar Success Kit. You can be hosting your own teleseminars – leveraging your talents and making more money – by next week! Nika discovered that other moms were also searching for businesses they could run from home, allowing the flexibility to take care of family priorities. So Nika launched to show moms how to create passive income and build a successful business... during naptime! NIKA enjoys sharing her techniques and strategies on achieving career and life happiness with her clients. She offers coaching programs, business products, and marketing systems that help entrepreneurs shape their businesses to complement their lifestyles. Check out her latest programs at Laptop Mom!


  1. For point #3 on systemize, automate, delegate- how would you go about qualifying people to know they could handle the tasks you give them?

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