Business 101: Social Media Credibility – Why Retweets Equal Implied Endorsement


In Twitter speak, a retweet is when you share or rebroadcast someone else’s tweet to your followers. The syntax of a retweet changes depending on the twitter app, but the idea is always the same. It means, “Your tweet is worthy of sharing with my valuable community.”

In essence, it’s an implied endorsement. What your followers are saying by retweeting you is that they find your message inspiring, informative, entertaining, or simply worthy of re-sharing.

Following social media etiquette, they will repost it to their audience, citing you as the originator of the post (RT @YOURNAME message). Retweets are one of the fastest ways to spread your message and increase your following in the social media universe.

Retweets mean more traffic to your blog, increased online visibility, and enhanced expert status among the Twitter community. Sharing valuable content worthy of retweeting is one of the best ways to attract more ideal followers.

5 Ways to Get More Retweets (aka Implied Endorsements)

#1: Retweet Others – Find posts that are in alignment with your message and brand, and share them with your followers. The more you share other people’s valuable tweets, the more they want to share yours.

#2: Keep it Short, baby! – You can post up to 140 characters, but for someone to retweet you, there are extra characters added (RT @yourname:). Make it easy for people to retweet you without having to edit and shorten. People also love to add comments to the retweet, making it more personal and compelling, so leave even more room for that!

#3: Share Quotes – Inspiring quotes are often retweeted. Find quotes that match your style and branding, and inspire your audience to think or take action.

#4: Tweet, Tweet, and Repeat – Don’t be afraid to post an important message several times. When you repeat your tweet, change it a bit. By re-wording your tweets, you’ll appeal to different people, and inspire more retweets to different communities.

#5: Stand Out from the Crowd – Be different, be profound, be funny, but whatever you do: stand out! Twitter is very busy, fast, and chaotic. Your tweets much catch someone’s attention in the blink of an eye. Don’t be afraid to be uncommon, controversial, bold, witty, or daring.

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Nika Stewart is a lifestyle entrepreneur: A professional who has seamlessly integrated her career into her life. After building a successful career as an award-winning designer, Nika created a new business so she could spend quality time with her family. She leveraged her knowledge and developed information products that teach designers to build profitable businesses. Would you like to learn an easy way to multiply the impact of your work, so you can make more money in less time? Check out the Laptop Mom’s Teleseminar Success Kit. You can be hosting your own teleseminars – leveraging your talents and making more money – by next week! Nika discovered that other moms were also searching for businesses they could run from home, allowing the flexibility to take care of family priorities. So Nika launched to show moms how to create passive income and build a successful business... during naptime! NIKA enjoys sharing her techniques and strategies on achieving career and life happiness with her clients. She offers coaching programs, business products, and marketing systems that help entrepreneurs shape their businesses to complement their lifestyles. Check out her latest programs at Laptop Mom!


  1. Great Post, Nika! Agree people should recognise the value of a retweet, and like your tips about how to get retweeted more (especially the reminder about keeping it short, to make it easier to avoid long updates!) Thanks 🙂

  2. This is entirely wrong – a RT is not an implied endorsement. It merely says look at this. It could be this confuses me, it could be let us talk about this. Many people have taken to saying RTs are not an endorsement to get away from what is really an attempt to find the Facebook Like on Twitter

  3. I think a retweet is an endorsement of the content you’re sharing, not the account it’s coming from. I agree retweets are one of the fastest ways to spread your message but I haven’t been able to directly associate retweets with an increased following.

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