Capture those Moments in Time: A Review of Digital Diary Services


Life is about capturing those “moments in time” and what better way to do it than with the click of a button! If you are looking for a way to store those memories in digital form, consider MemoLane and Timekiwi. Both are a digital diary of sorts that allow you to capture and record your life in a timeline format by connecting your favorite social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.


Memolane allows you to connect more services than Timekiwi. The list includes social favorites such as Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, and even your blog RSS feed. Memolane also allows for creation of multiple “lanes” which allows you to mix and match the services you’d like for each lane. You can also add friends as contributors to individual lanes – a great use of this would be a handful of people who have similar blogs being “housed” together in one lane.

It’s incredibly easy to get started with Memolane and to connect the services you’d like. Start with your bio and photo, add your desired services (social networks) and then create your lanes. Once you’ve finished that you can find friends or follow other people’s lanes.

What I like most about Memolane are the daily “memory” emails they send me (referred to as “MemoMail”). How they determine what memories to send when is a mystery, but I almost always smile when I get them. Not a fan of black websites, I find it somewhat frustrating that I can’t edit my Memolane to a lighter color.


Timekiwi has made some significant aesthetic changes recently and simply put, it’s beautiful and a visually pleasing piece of digital art. One of the best and most surprising changes is including the photo that is part of a tweeted blog post to be recorded as shown below. Pictures you post on Facebook also are now part of the permanent digital record.

TimeKiwi does allow a bit more customization to your profile. Unlike Memolane where you are stuck with the dark background, TimeKiwi lets you choose from a handful of backgrounds and pick between a light or dark layout.

A word of caution: If you tend to be a private person on social media, you may want to give some thought to what services you connect to Memolane and Timekiwi. Data you’d prefer to have private may now be open to public eyes. Proceed as you see fit.

The Notable Differences between Memolane and TimeKiwi:

  • Timekiwi is the most attractive and visual
  • MemoLane has the ability to add in more networks than Timekiwi. For example: you can your YouTube account (fantastic if you are like me and click “like” on a lot of music videos)
  • MemoLane provides the daily “memory” emails
  • MemoLane allows you to follow the lanes of other people you may be interested in (it’s more “social” in the aspect that you can connect with friends)
  • MemoLane provides you the ability to set up several lanes allowing you to create your own desired mix of content that is captured in a way that suits you best.

Personally I enjoy both Timekiwi and Memolane and will keep both accounts open for myself. Have you tried either of these? Are there other similar tools that you would also recommend?


About Author

Michelle Mangen is owner of Your Virtual Assistant providing virtual bookkeeping, social media and administrative services to smart business owners. Other interests include reading, spending time with her son, social networking and learning. For more information you can visit Your Virtual Assistant and connect with Michelle on Twitter (), Facebook and LinkedIn.


  1. Hi Michelle, Good post and happy you like Memolane. Great to see that you found it useful creating shared lanes with friends. We are working to make that even easier. 

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