Celebrating The Big 4-0 With 40 Random Lessons About Work, Life and Other Stuff


Today is my birthday and it’s the big…um…yeah THAT! So to celebrate the special occasion, I am sharing what little I have learned over the last (yikes) 40 years…

40 Random Lessons About Work, Life and Other Stuff

#1: Find Your Bliss — Doing what you love everyday makes work seem like play!

#2: Technology Works for You, NOT the Reverse! — Remember that your SmartPhone is not the boss of you. You CAN put it down and leave it there.

#3: Done is Better Than Started — Don’t give in to the temptation to start a million projects that never get finished.

#4: Children Grow Up WAY Too Fast — Slow down and enjoy every day you have with them.

#5: Inspiration is Everywhere — Open your mind to see it.

#6: Ask for Help — Don’t wait until you are drowning before asking for help.

#7: Never Underestimate Yourself — Trust that you can do whatever you put your mind to!

#8: The Internet Remembers — Try not to do really stupid things.

#9: Respect Privacy — Don’t post stuff about your kids that they will find embarrassing later in life.

#10: Excuses Don’t Get Results — Stop worrying about what other people think and get it done.

#11: Hard Work Trumps Talent and Luck — Try for all three, but only count on the first.

#12: Perfection is the Enemy of Productivity — Get it done THEN worry about perfecting it.

#13: Laughter IS the Best Medicine — Use it to heal the emotional wounds that we inflict on each other.

#14: Don’t Buy into Your Own Hype — Surround yourself with people who get you minus the hype.

#15: Life is Random — Embrace the unexpectedness of it.

#16: Sometimes You Need to Take a Step — If you truly want something, but don’t know how to get there, take a step and trust that the path will reveal itself.

#17: Chocolate is AWESOME — Duh.

#18: Mistakes are Okay — Accept that you will make them and get over it.

#19: Your Customer Line is One Deep — Focus on helping the customer who is right in front of you no matter how long the line.

#20: Be Direct With Fear — Play the ‘What-if’ game and ask yourself what you would do if the worst thing that could happen happened.

#21: Your Network is the Best Advertising — Build a strong network and use that to grow your business.

#22: Mean People Suck — Just don’t bother with them.

#23: A Nice Hot Bath Fixes Many Problems — Jump in when you need 1) a time-out, 2) inspiration, 3) a cure for aches and pains.

#24: Pressure Reveals Your Inner Diamonds — Don’t be afraid of it.

#25: Treat Every Step as a Stepping Stone — Be strategic about the path you take to achieve your goals and only take the steps that move you closer to your ultimate goal.

#26: Time is Your Most Valuable Asset — Never let people waste it! Maintain tight control of your time.

#27: Say What Needs to Be Said — Remember you are a source of inspiration to everyone around you.

#28: Wonder Keeps You Young — Embrace the world the way your children do.

#29: People are Freaky — Just go with it and let them do their thing.

#30: Life Matters More Than Business — Design your business to support your life goals, not the reverse.

#31: Your Sandbox, Your Rules — Don’t worry if someone doesn’t like your rules; they are welcome to leave your sandbox.

#32: Just Hold Your Breath and Do It — Remember this when you feel 1) nervous, 2) stuck, 3) afraid.

#33: True Friends are Never Far Away — Hold this thought when you need it.

#34: An Empty You Helps No One — Fill your cup first and then serve others.

#35: Learning is a Lifelong Journey — Never ever stop.

#36: Housework Can Wait — Don’t waste a single sunny day on cleaning.

#37: One Step-at-a-Time Will Get You There — Get in the habit of taking one step forward everyday. You. will. get. there.

#38: Road Trips Reveal Many Things — Take them with the people you love.

#39: Shit Happens — Get over it!

#40: Long Pithy Lists are Fricking Hard to Write.


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