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Getting organized can literally change your life, taking you from the stress and chaos, and maybe even guilt or shame, of living in a world full of clutter to a place of peace and harmony. While the end result is definitely worth it, getting there may be a tad bit uncomfortable. Getting organized is a lot like working out or eating healthy in that way. The process requires effort, but the results make it worth it.

Where most people start is with tackling their clutter. I am often asked “What is clutter?”  The answer is clutter is unmade decisions. It is things you’ve decided NOT to deal with right now and to tackle later. Clutter is that pile of mail sitting on the front entry table waiting for you to open it.  It is the random things shoved to the back of the closet until you decide whether or not to get rid of them. It is the empty boxes you are saving for whatever reason.


In short: it is anything you simply didn’t take the time to address when they came up. While this shortcut may save you time right now, you will then have to address these piles of clutter later on. What might take you thirty seconds to shred right now will take you two minutes to address later on. Why? Because you will have to pick it up, look at it and determine what it is and then take action on it. Often that pile of paper becomes so daunting, you never fully address it.

Think of getting rid of your clutter as a way to help others. You are helping your kids live a calmer, more organized life and you are teaching them the skills they need to be successful in college, in their first apartments and at the workplace.  If you have physical items to donate, think about how beneficial they will be to others in need, especially in this struggling economy. Go online and research places that are near and dear to your heart. Contact them and ask them what they will accept for donations. Many organizations will even pick up your unwanted items!

It is also important to think about getting organized as simplifying your life. Everyone wants things to be simple. Getting rid of clutter can make your life run smoother, require less work and give you more free time. Who doesn’t want that?  Get rid of the stuff and you will see how happy you can be!


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Bonnie Joy Dewkett, CPO® is a nationally recognized organizing expert, author, motivational speaker, and internet radio personality. She began organizing as a child, and she has been organizing ever since. Her company, The Joyful Organizer®, creates and implements organizational systems for the home and office. These changes allow her Customers to create calm from chaos at work and at home. Bonnie is passionate about helping her clients meet their organizational goals, and loves to see the positive impact that getting organized has on their lives.

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  1. Lydia Paterson on

    Thanks for your article on getting started with gtrying organized, by starting with getting rid of you “MY” clutter.

    I’m just beginning. Timely. It’s very difficult for me. I’m disabled and have many physical limitations. I can’t move anything heavy. I have a second bedroom, I dream of having it as my studio, for my sewing, art, jewelry design. I know if I can just get it all organized, it’s sure to be my happy place.
    When I moved, my help just dumped everything in that room. I’m trying to rearrange it a little at a time. I just get so overwhelmed. So I have a vision, it’s just getting it done. Organizational skills have never been my strong suit anyway.
    I’m sure you could make it look easy. But I’m not giving up. I get discouraged, but I go back and trying to wack away a little at a time.
    I’ll be following you and look forward to more of your advice.
    Be blessed.
    Kindest regards,
    Mess at Large

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