Cute and Comfortable Shouldn’t Be an Either Or: A Rant About Shoes and a Contest

Why is cute and comfortable an either or when it comes to women’s shoes? Men wouldn’t put up with shoes that left their feet blistered and sore after an hour so why do we? Even worse, why do we keep wearing them even after they killed our feet?

We swear every time we come home with our shoes in our hands that never again will we choose style over comfort only to be lured in by another pair of candy apple red strappy sandals that look ‘Oh so cute’ in the store window and only pinch a bit when your feet get hot.

It’s not a problem, we think to ourselves. We’ll only wear them on fair weather days. It was probably just that one time, we tell ourselves when we put the offending pair back in the closet. Next time I’ll wear panty hose, we tell our husbands who question our sanity, like that thin layer of fabric is a magical force field.

What do we wear when given the choice? We wear comfortable shoes. Usually they are comfortable shoes that we wouldn’t be caught dead in around our stylish friends (ahem, bright yellow Crocs). Anyone else skulk to Starbucks early Saturday morning hoping you don’t run into anyone you know? Yeah, me too.

But we wear them because they are bliss on our feet, actually making it easier to keep up with kids, run countless errands, organize an entire household and run a business. We wear them because recovering from blisters isn’t worth it anymore for the same reason we now wear the hats and mittens like our mothers told us.

So when I was asked to review a cute pair of Earth shoes, I was hopeful and a little skeptical. Could it be that there is such a thing as shoes that are comfortable AND cute? The answer is YES (and yay for women everywhere)!

Looking at their cute design, you can’t even tell that they have special multi-density latex cushioning in the footbed, reinforced arch support, or an extra padded heel thingie to absorb shock. But when you step into them, you can feel the “Ahhhhh…” and that’s all that matters.

Thank you Earth Shoes for making my feet cute and happy at the same time (and for giving one of our lucky readers a pair of their very own)! If you would like cute and happy feet, enter to win a pair of Earth Shoes by filling out the form below (and make sure to find them on Facebook and Twitter too):


Contest closes August 15th. Winners will be selected at random and given 24 hours to respond after which a new winner will be selected.

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