Daily To-Do’s Automated: 15 Creative Ways to Save Time Using IFTTT



IF you are one of the few people who haven’t tried IFTTT yet, you should! Why? Because thanks to a bunch of clever people (not me), you can automate almost any social media function (in new and very creative ways). What is IFTTT you ask? Good question! IFTTT is short for If This Then That and how it works is by using Triggers to prompt Actions.

So, for example, IF you post a new blog post on your WordPress blog, then you can set IFTTT up to automatically post that new post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All you need to do is set up three different Recipes to handle each function using the new blog post as the Trigger. The subsequent Actions are to post to Facebook, Tweet on Twitter and post to LinkedIn.

Sounds fun doesn’t it?

15 Creative Ways to Save Time Using IFTTT

Post link to your latest blog post on Facebook — If new WordPress blog post, then post link to Facebook. Handy for those of us who forget to post our own links to Facebook.

Download Instagram photos taken by you to DropBox — If new Instagram photo, download to DropBox. Perfect for those Instagram addicts who want to archive their favorite photo moments outside of Instagram!

Tweet status updates from Facebook that include links — If post a link on Facebook, then Tweet link on Twitter with image attached. A neat way to cross-post content between Facebook and Twitter while taking advantage of Twitter photo integration.

Backup Pinterest pins to DropBox — If Pinterest RSS feed shows new pin, download to DropBox. A super simple way to backup your Pinterest boards.

Post new blog post on LinkedIn — If new WordPress blog post, then post link to LinkedIn. Perfect for those of us who rarely have time to do anything on LinkedIn, but still want to maintain an active presence with our business contacts.

Add Instagram photos to a Facebook Album — If new Instagram photo, add to Instagram photo album on Facebook. Fun for all you obsessive photo organizers who want their Instagram photos in a special place.

Download Facebook photos you are tagged in to DropBox — If new Facebook photo tag, download to DropBox. A helpful way to capture all those memories your friends and family share with you on Facebook!

Send text message if it’s going to rain — If rain is forecast in your local area, send a text message alert. A high-tech way to stay on top of what Mother Nature has in store for you!

Tweet Facebook status updates — If new Facebook status update, Tweet! A nice way to pull your Facebook content over to your Tweet stream, especially if you only have enough time to maintain activity on Facebook.

Update Facebook Profile photo change Twitter Profile photo — If new Facebook Profile photo, update Twitter Profile photo. An easy way to maintain consistency across your social media platforms. Warning: too many Twitter photo changes can be confusing to your followers.

Post link to new blog posts on Twitter — If new post in RSS feed, then share link on Twitter. An alternative to TwitterFeed for sharing the latest posts on your blog as soon as they are posted.

Share a new Instagram photo taken by you on Tumblr — If new Instagram photo, then post on Tumblr. Perfect for cross posting between Instagram and Tumblr.

Save email attachments to DropBox — If receive new email with attachment, automatically save to DropBox. For everyone who has ever searched through email after email after f-ing email trying to find an attachment, this is a real time-saver!

Add starred a Gmail messages to Evernote — If Gmail message is starred, then add to Evernote. A handy way to pull email discussions and ideas into Evernote for further follow-up!

Add RSS Feed to Pocket to read later — If new post in RSS feed, then add to Pocket app! The easiest way to keep up with your favorite blogs because Pocket stores that content on your iPhone or iPad allowing you to access it offline (say when you are stuck on an airplane with nothing to read).



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