Find What's Around You With AroundMe – A Handy App for Mobile Search


Hankering for a cup of coffee? Need to fill your tank? Trying to find the closest bank machine?

It’s easy if you always stick to your own neighborhood, but what if you are in unfamiliar territory? How are you going find the closest pharmacy? A local supermarket? A hotel? A gas station?

The best way to know what’s immediately around you is to use Around Me. It’s a free app for IOS and Android devices that tells you…well…what’s around you. It’s the must-have app for people on the go.

Around Me is a hyper-localized search that uses geotracking to help find things from the closest pizza place to nearby parking lots and then map them for you. And you can easily share that information through email, Facebook, Twitter and texting.

Check out this week’s Twirl and see how easy it is to be in-the-know when you’re on the go.


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