Out of Toilet Paper AGAIN? A Convenient Service to Bring the Store to Your Door


Tired of running out of toilet paper and finding your pantry a little paltry? It happens, especially when we get a little busy with business and forget to stock up on the basics!

Alice.com is the online grocery delivery service that offers the perfect solution. With Alice you’ll never face another empty roll again (or need to leave your house to buy it).

Alice buys straight from the manufacturer and automatically applies any discount coupons to your order, then delivers everything from shampoo to cereal right to your door for free!All you do is go to Alice and find your favorite brands and place your order! Oh, what’s even better is Alice is like a personal shopper that will even send you a reminder when it’s time to re-order your groceries. How great is that?

What’s better than a service that delivers to your door and saves you time and money? Watch the video to see exactly why Alice.com is going to rock your world!


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