The Do-Everything Printer: A Wireless Color Printer With Multiple Personalities


If you thought Cybil had multiple personalities, wait until you get a load of our latest must-have gadget! The HP Photosmart Premium e-Printer one of the most interesting home printers we’ve seen yet (and we’ve tried and tested a lot of them).

On the one hand it thinks it’s a high-quality wireless color printer that knows the difference between documents and photographs (smart). One the other it believes it’s a computer whose touch screen interface (with apps!) allows you to order movie tickets, download recipes and print news articles without a computer in sight (really smart). It has delusions of being able to print anything emailed from anywhere and, if that weren’t enough, it claims to scan and copy too (really REALLY smart).

It’s madness. Madness we tell you. Well, watch this week’s session, uh we mean Twirl, to see if Carley can get to the root of the many personalities of this personal wireless home printer. If you ever wished for a Do-Everything machine that could do everything, this is the printer for you!


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