Do Not Disturb! How to Silence Your iPhone During Your Off Hours


Modern technology can be (to say the least) a little invasive, especially when that technology can insert itself into your private life – day or night. Indeed, our trusty sidekicks, the ones we ‘justify’ leaving on 24/7 for our children, can quickly turn into the bane of our existence when a business colleague decides to leave you an early morning voicemail on the one and only day you decide to sleep in!

That’s why we love, Love, LOVE the Do Not Disturb feature on the iPhone (iOS 6). Basically how it works is you can preset no notification periods so even if your text-happy sister decides to send you a flurry of correspondence during your beauty sleep, you will be blissfully unaware!

Unlike setting your cell phone to Silent, which we inevitably forget to return to normal, this feature let’s you specify daily Do Not Disturb time zones. A handy little moon icon on your display reminds you that you have entered the no notification time period in case you were waiting for a late night call.

Now this is the really cool part. If someone needs to reach you in an emergency, you can set your iPhone to automatically override the Do Not Disturb. All that person has to do is call you more than once within a 3-minute timeframe. Chances are if that person is in a panic in the middle of the night, they are going to do this anyway, but it’s a good idea to let people know about this feature.

How to Set Up the Do Not Disturb Feature on the iPhone

Go into your Settings and select Notifications – This will take you into the Notification Center.

Select Do Not Disturb – From this menu you can control your Do Not Disturb schedule, Allow Calls From and Repeated Calls settings.

Toggle Scheduled to On – Select From and To times that you do not want to be disturbed during (your anti-office hours).

Set your Allow Calls From list – Use this feature to specify who can disturb you anytime day or night (like your teenage son who may forget to call twice to override the setting).

Toggle Repeated Calls to On – If you wish to enable the override feature, turn Repeated Calls on. As discussed, this means a second call within 3 minutes will ring normally.

Android users can find a similar feature called I’m sleeping (and yes, we are aware that this cool iPhone feature was borrowed from the Android – lucky you).


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  1. I’m a big fan of Do Not Disturb on the iPhone. My favorite feature is to set Do Not Disturb to turn on automatically every night and turn it off in the morning. But Do Not Disturb does not silence your phone. As you explain in the article, you can adjust the settings so the phone does ring in certain instances.

    If you really, really need the phone to be silent, the only way to do that is to fully power off the phone.

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    I really agree with your point of view. That’s a pretty cool concept. I’ll definitely do with something like this.

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