Don’t Be a Pain in the Ass (and Other Success Principles to Live and Work By)


Every. Single. Day. Someone complains loudly on Facebook about such-and-such annoying person who has turned a simple transaction into a painful ordeal. The worst is when you force your eager prospect to jump through a bunch of ridiculous hoops in order to give you their money. A close second is when you are reaching out to someone to ask them for a favor and before even giving them a chance to respond, you send a follow-up note asking why they have not responded to your original request.

In the first instance, even the prospects who persevere and complete the transaction will look for a different provider the next time around and using nagging as a method of following up NEVER gets a positive response. Being a pain in the ass is not how you get people to do what you want (in business and in life) and it’s definitely not what you want to be remembered for.

Don’t Be a Pain in the Ass (and Other Success Principles to Live and Work By):

#1: Make It E-A-S-Y — Want people to buy from you? Need a big favor from a friend or even a perfect stranger? Do ALL the work for them so all they need to do is say “Yes!” (or click the button to buy or whatever it is you need them to do). This is especially important in sales as the process is as much a part of the purchase as the product.

#2: Respect Time Boundaries — Put yourself in their shoes and imagine you are overloaded with email, working to hit an important deadline and dealing with an unexpected crisis. Now imagine how your painful transaction or frivolous request will go over. Do not waste their time (and that includes bombarding their inbox with unnecessary communication).

#3: Communicate Clearly — Don’t play games with hidden charges or ulterior motives. Tell your prospects upfront what they are getting for how much and if you need help, just come right out and ask for what you are asking for, including what you expect from them.

#4: Know the WIIFM — Figure out the all-important WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) before you approach any exchange whether it be a sales transaction or asking for someone to do something for you. The best transactions always involve an equal exchange where both parties feel good about the arrangement even if there is no money involved.

#5: Express Gratitude — Remember what your grandmother taught you about always saying “Thank you.” In both business and life, you can never say “Thank you” enough. Say it over and over and over again.


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Carla Young, Publisher If there’s living proof that women can have it all – and then some – it’s Carla Young. Building her multiple businesses on a virtual work-at-home model, Carla is an inspiration to other mothers who want to start a lifestyle business. During her early days as a mom entrepreneur, Carla made every single mistake in the book (and a few new ones for good measure). Realizing that “doing it all” was unhealthy and unsustainable, Carla started by getting organized to the extreme, developing support systems for both her work and family. After other mothers started asking how they too could enjoy her lifestyle, Carla launched to support moms at work, at home and at play (because every mommy deserves a little me-time)!

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