Don’t Leave Chance to CHANCE: Why You Need to Give Opportunity a Nudge in the Right Direction


Chance is a funny idea, one that is perhaps born out of the rags to riches fantasy that by sheer good luck, we stumble unwittingly into a life-changing opportunity. Rarely does it ever happen that way. More often than not, success has absolutely nothing to do with luck and everything to do with initiative.

Because behind every good luck story, there is struggle. There is the author who heard “No” a thousand times before that one editor took a chance, the inventor who filed 97 patents before creating the winner, or the entrepreneur who worked tirelessly for years and years before anything significant happened.

We all know this to be true, even though we secretly hope to be the exception to the rule. It’s easy to fall into that trap when all we ever see is the successes minus all the hard work, struggle and disappointment that led up to it. So why then do we keep wishing for chance?

I say, “Don’t leave chance to CHANCE! Give it a nudge in the right direction!”

Give Chance a Nudge in the Right Direction and Create Your Own Good Luck

Ask yourself what your BIG BREAK would look like if you imagined your success story as one of those Happy-Ending-Guaranteed, Made-for-TV movies. Would it be an editor seeing your book proposal and loving it? Would it be getting a celebrity endorsement for your product? Would it be finding a breakthrough product?

Start by working backwards. How are you going to get in front of that editor? Do you need to connect with other authors who have been published by them? Do you need to start attending book-publishing events? Do you need to get published in other venues to build your reputation? You get the idea.

Ask a lot of questions. How do other successful authors get to where they are today? What steps did they take to get there? Did they spend a lot of time writing for magazines and newspapers first? What skills did they need to develop beyond writing?

Pursue multiple paths that accomplish the same end-goal. Take our author example. Don’t rely on just one editor. Start researching editors at other publishing houses that specialize in the same niche, or look into self-publishing or even e-publishing.

Now the really tricky part: ask for help. Maybe it’s a colleague who knows a successful author you can chat with, maybe it’s a LinkedIn connection who can endorse your work, maybe it’s a social media follower who can profile your work. It happens, but only if you ask.

The key to creating your own good luck is to be constantly looking for opportunities to give it a nudge. That means you need to know what steps could possibly lead to your big break and strategizing the ways you can create the opportunities to get there. It likely won’t happen all at once, but with consistent effort, you can create your own luck!

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