Don’t Take a Summer Sales Snooze! Now is the Time to Turn Up the Heat on the Competition



The big excuse everyone uses for slowing down their sales efforts in the summer is “No one is available to take meetings so why should I bother?” Yes, admittedly summer does make sales a little more challenging and yes, sometimes meetings do get put off or delayed because of vacation schedules, but that’s no reason to put your sales on hold until the fall.

The reason YOU should bother is because most don’t so the summer is the best time to get a jump on the competition. For every prospect who is away, there are plenty who take the summer slow down to catch-up. Chances are because you are the only one knocking on their door, you will get that meeting and your prospect has the time to seriously consider your ideas.

Even if it takes a bit of extra time to get the final nod from your prospects, you will be way ahead of your competition come fall when they finally get back into selling mode. Imagine starting your fall with most of your sales already lined up instead of scrambling to catch up after a lazy summer.

How to Give Your Summer Sales Sizzle

#1: Reconnect with People – Patio season is the perfect excuse to reconnect with past clients and business associates. Keep it the conversation casual and light, but make an effort to ask about what is going on with THEIR business and listen carefully as that’s where the hidden opportunities are.

#2: Keep on Networking – It’s tempting to sleep in and skip that early morning networking breakfast, especially when you know attendance will be low during summer months. Think of it as the perfect time to get more one-on-one time with the people who are present!

#3: Get that Meeting – Remember that dream meeting you couldn’t get last winter? Now is the time to try again. Loose schedules mean that busy CEO’s are a little more open to taking meetings – just be sure to give them a compelling reason to make the time to see you.

#4: Reach Out via Social Media – If your business is a little more virtual, take the same approach to networking via social media. Reach out to a social media thought leader who you admire and suggest a telephone conversation. Good things happen when you share your goals with others. #justsayin

#5: Go for Eyeballs – Take the opposite approach to marketing and advertising. When everyone is focused on their fall marketing programs, take the opportunity to seek out deals on advertising to get in front of people NOW! Even if the primary goal is to lay the foundation for the fall, you are still one step ahead of the competition!

One last thing…don’t forget to take a little time to relax this summer so you have the stamina to handle a hectic fall thanks to your summer sales efforts!


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