Dream BIG, Do BIG: Perfection Shmerfection – Turning a Dream into Reality Means Letting Go of Perfection


The Business: Online PR Media

The BIG Dream: Create a press release distribution site

Turning a background in journalism and PR into an online press release distribution company that allows her to work from home while raising her now 8-year-old triplets. That dream became Online PR Media, an online press release distribution company that allows customers to create multimedia, interactive press releases.

“We saw a need in the market [because]we were having to distribute our client’s press releases on several different networks just to get the features that we wanted,” says Geissinger who launched Online PR Media in 2009 with her business partner Christine O’Kelly.

Online PR Media is an extension of their other company. SEO Content Solutions that helps clients get found online through search engine optimization and content publishing services.

The BIG Doing: Borrowing against future success to enhance platform

Borrowing against future success to enhance their online press release distribution platform was a big step forward. The investment paid the programming costs to add new features their customers were asking for, including an interactive reporting tool.

Geissinger admits borrowing money to invest in your business a nerve-wracking experience, but well worth it to move the business forward. “It’s hard when you know what you want and can envision what it will look like, but you have to rely on (and pay) someone else to make it happen!”

The BIG Success: Reaching a 60,000-user milestone in 2 years

The result is now Online PR Media is quickly closing in on a key milestone: 60,000 users in the 2 short years Online PR Media has been in business, a remarkable accomplishment given the stiff competition in the marketplace.

Geissinger attributes their success to the strength of their editorial staff who are trained in search engine optimization and work with Online PR Media customers to ensure their news announcements are written for search engines and editors.

“Our background in SEO and online marketing in general really sets us apart in the PR field. Many of our competitors have a background in traditional public relations,” says Geissinger who sees the Internet and self-publishing really changing the playing field for press release distribution.

The BIG Lesson: “Let go of perfection and get it out there!”

Let go of perfection because you could spend forever trying to get something ‘ready’ for public consumption. Something Geissinger admits is a personal weakness for her, one shared by many entrepreneurs.

“It’s important to realize that nothing happens overnight,” says Geissinger who often found herself at the mercy of their programming team, waiting for updates or new enhancements.

“Don’t be afraid to put something out there, even if you don’t think it’s perfect yet. Do your best, test it as much as possible, and then let it go! Trust me, the public will let you know if you missed anything.”

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