The Right Idea for You: Finding Yourself (and a Business to Match)


Everyone loves to talk about the joy of living in your element and doing what you love, but no one really talks about how hard it is to find your element. That’s because it’s not just about idea finding.  It’s about self-finding.

People who’ve found their element, are now trying to live their dream. Naturally, they want potential customers to see them as confident, capable geniuses who totally have it all together. They work very hard to make it look easy.  And you will too.

So, to save face, we’ve created this strange world where we all get together and pretend everything is fabulous while we’re all quietly going through the same inner turmoil…all alone. No one wants to admit that this idea-finding thing doesn’t actually come easy.

It’s a viscous, brain sucking spiral.

The harder you dig in your heels…the more determined you are to “nail this thing down once and for all”, the less engaged you are in your actual life, the less likely you are to find the thing you’re looking for, which, logically means, you just need to dig in your heels harder and the spiral continues.

This is why getting stuck in the idea-finding spiral tends to put a strain on our relationships and our psychological, emotional and physical well-being. I say “our” because, admit it publicly or not, we have all been in that lonely place.

Self-finding has long been a scary, lonely path that deters many brave souls from ever entering. That fear of the dark places condemns thousands of us to continue living the mediocre, unfulfilled life we know we want to escape.

This is unacceptable.

Determined to utterly destroy this lonely place where dreams of a better life so often go to die, I created an idea-finding framework. The Your Right Idea framework below gives you four general areas to explore about yourself and your world.  Your right idea will grow from the combination of two or more of these elements.

The Your Right Idea framework below gives you four elements to explore about yourself and your world.

#1: Spend five minutes contemplating and brainstorming each element. Take the full five minutes here, no cheating. Set a timer if you think it’ll help.

#2: During those five minutes, with a pen and paper (because writing engages different parts of the brain), write down every single thing you can think of that fits each element. When you’ve written everything you can think of, keep writing until your five minutes are up.

Your best ideas…your most obvious ideas are never as obvious as we think they should be. So note everything your brain spins out, even the silly and the nonsensical things. You never know, they may be the logs jamming up the river.

#3: Once you’ve considered every element, take a few more minutes to look for new and interesting ways these parts of you may connect. Your right idea will likely grow from the combination of two or more of these elements.

You can also download a free exercise that will help you get your hands dirty with these four elements, giving your right idea the environment it needs to rise to the surface of your mind.


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