For the Love of Sticky Notes: Creative Ways to Use Stickies and Our Favorite Tech Alternatives


“Hi, my name is Carla and I AM a sticky note addict!”

I love them. I love them in yellow, I love them with lines, I love them in extra, extra large size, I love them shaped like hearts in various shades of pink. I love everything about them.

I stick them to my desk to remind me of what I need to accomplish that day, I stick them to files and paperwork to label them, I have even been known to stick them to myself as a way of taking my little reminders with me.

5 Creative Ways to Use Sticky Notes

Daily Inspiration – Write out your favorite motivational quotes, quirky tidbits from your kids or the big audacious goal you are working toward and place on your inspiration board, computer monitor or beside your mouse as a daily reminder.

Visual Brainstorming – Use individual sticky notes for brainstorming sessions so you can rearrange your ideas as you go. This approach is very handy for strategic planning, mapping out web sites and breaking down complex projects into steps and key milestones.

Flipchart Wall – Transform any space into a meeting room using the giant sticky notes as an impromptu flipchart. The extra large sticky notes are better than flipcharts because you can line them up along a wall, making it easier to refer back to earlier parts of the discussion.

Networking Notes – Use the teeny tiny ones for adding notes to business cards at (or immediately after) networking events. Perfect for those of you who dislike marring beautiful graphic design with messy writing.

Amusing Bored Children – When all else fails, stick them on bored children. You may end up using a few more sticky notes than you planned on and inadvertently train them to sneak off with your beloved sticky note pads, but it’s worth it for all the fun you’ll have with your kids!

Technology Alternatives to the Humble Sticky Note

Evernote – Inspired by sticky notes, Evernote is a powerful tool that allows you to store, search and recall a wide range of information, from photos to handwritten notes.

1Password – One of the most common misuses of sticky notes is to store passwords. Whether you stick them on your monitor (tsk, tsk) or hide them in a drawer, it isn’t a secure way to remember passwords. That’s why 1Password makes it on the list of sticky note alternatives. You can safely store passwords and sync to SmartPhone so you’ll never be without them!

Pinterest – It’s time to throw out all those sticky notes you used to jot down interesting web sites you wanted to remember. Now all you


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