From our Readers: If you had $5,000 no strings attached to spend on your business, what would you do?



Every entrepreneur dreams of winning the business lottery and being given money with no strings attached to spend on their business. So we asked the question.

If you had $5,000 with no strings attached to spend on your business, what would you do? You answered.

Julie Hauk-Brothers (

“Definitely advertising! Getting our website “noticed” more would be awesome.”

Holly Angebrandt-Voros (

“I would spend part of it on my tuition and books for my midwife course, the rest I would get $100 gift certificate to local baby supply stores. I would give these to new moms to buy diapers, clothes, equipment for new baby.”

Danielle Robinson (

“I would advertise, advertise and advertise some more.”

Colleen Collip Cocoreille (

“Supplies, supplies and more supplies. I can’t resist all the fun products out there to accessories little girls. I would also get someone to design me a great user friendly website.”

Erin Heard (

“‎$5000 no strings attached would go towards an expansion. New industrial sewing machine, mass fabric purchase, and two contracted seamstresses to level out the workload.”

Christa Snijder Scheffer (

“No strings??? I would totally revamp my current office with new large work spaces, lounge areas, etc. Oh, and a space heater. My office is freezing.”

Jackie Hickson (

“Learning more about marketing, social networking, relationship marketing; “out side of the box” planning for my direct sales business to expedite my growth.”

Aly Pain (

“Revamp of my web site with huge SEO/SMO push so my web presence reflects the bigness of who I am now and the kick ass places that I am going!”

Kristina Vanderwater (

“Where to begin…First up would be that I’d give my part time employee more hours. Essentially it’s a snowball effect. More help with production = more product = more sales = more money which I can put towards other things!”

Robyn Turnbull (

“Ohhhh I would get a professional website done with shopping cart! I would advertise in Calgary’s Child Magazine, I would apply for copyright, buy more supplies, buy a die-cut machine, a new laptop since mine is 100 years old, and get product insurance so I could contact more retail stores!”

Edamame Kids (

“I would spend it on buying more kid playmats and toys for our store play area and more holiday themed visual displays. I enjoy “dressing” up the store.”

Marilou Basa (

“I would spend it on outsourcing such as bookkeeping, marketing, graphic artists and a part-time chef.”

Jolene Balciunas (

“I would pay down debt, expand my distribution and start the process to franchise.”

Stephanie Franco (

“I would use the money to make more enhancements to my website, buy a new computer and fax machine, purchase more inventory, expand my product line and attend more craft and trade shows. The rest will go back in business account to save for a rainy day.”

Leanne Stewart Power (

“Travel, airfare, accommodations for a book tour!”

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  1. Cindy Lund Chow on

    Wow – that would be amazing!! I would spend it on development courses. If you want to teach, you must always be learning!!

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