Gadget Guide: Bling for Your Bicycle – Top 10 Gizmos to Glam Up Your Bike


Want to add a little bling to your bicycle? These are just a few of our favorite gizmos to glam up your bike. Warning: do not attempt to use all of them at once!

Top 10 Gizmos to Glam Up Your Bike

#1: The Bouncy Seat – You simply cannot appreciate a leisurely bike ride without what we affectionately call a “bouncy” seat. A fresh take on the spring seats of days gone by, bouncy seats are wide, squishy and of course, just a wee bit bouncy! Our favorite is the Electra Spring Seat because when it comes to leisure riding, they know what they’re talking about!

#2: Hand-Painted Bells – Arguably the gemstone of your bicycle, your bell deserves a little extra bling. That’s why we adore dringdring! The original, hand-painted bells range from cupcakes to “This bike is my car” designs – all brightly colored and beautifully painted.

#3: Sparkle and Shine – What is a blinged-out bicycle without stickers? From flowers to kitty cats to the traditional lightning bolt, Fun Reflector stickers are both fun and functional, adding to your visibility with their reflective design.

#4: Handlebar Basket – We love the Electra Quick Release baskets because they offer traditional looks with the modern convenience of a quick release for ease of use. Plus the sturdy mounting systems means you won’t damage your shiny new paint job in the name of carrying extra doo-dads around with you.

#5: Faux Fur Leopard Grips – What is not to love about faux fur leopard grips? Okay, so furry leopard print may not be your thing. Thankfully Electra has a range of styles and designs to suit everyone!

#6: Charming Spokes – So if you want to turn your wheels into spinning rainbows (and you know you do), what you need is bicycle spoke charms. A word of caution: if you find extra noise annoying, this isn’t the bicycle bling for you!

#7: Handlebar Streamers – How can 7-year-old girls be wrong? Sparkly, rainbow-colored streamers are fun, especially when they feature twirly flowers that spin when you go fast.

#8: Flower Flair – For the same reason we find the little flower in the new Beetle adorable, we love the Electra handlebar flowers! Choices include sunflowers, daisies, roses, and our favorite, the chrysanthemums!

#9: Custom Frame Bag – Tired of boring black frame bags? Us too! That’s why we got really excited when we discovered Revelate Designs – a company that makes custom frame bags in any size, any shape, but most importantly, any color!

#10: Hot Wheels – What’s a custom bicycle without custom wheels? Try customizing your hub, spoke, and rim colors for extra bling! We’re partial to the silver because it’s so shiny!


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