Gadget Guide: Control the Cord Chaos – Top 10 Gadgets to Clean Up Your Cords


Love your gadgets, but don’t love all the cords that come with them? Who can blame you? Between the cords, and cables, the power bars and the charging stations, you end up with an unsightly mess. Try these solutions to “clean up” the cord chaos that lurks under your desk and behind the media center.

Top 10 Gadgets to Clean Up Your Cords

#1: Cable Drop Cord Clips – These little clips come in packages of 6 and are self-adhesive that secure cords anywhere on your desktop or work area. The best part – when you unplug your laptop, the cord won’t slip off behind the desk!

#2: Cable ID’s – Not only is there a space to label which cord is being tamed, but each pack comes with 8 different colors. No more guessing which cord is the printer when troubleshooting is in order!

#3: 3M Command Cord Clips – An inexpensive solution that will easily adhere unsightly cords underneath your desk. Make sure you purchase 2 to 3 packs so that you can secure each cord in more than one location.

#4: Cable Clamp – These reusable clamps do their best work when used to corral the cords behind your media center. An easy-to-use cord management solution!

#5: Clean Floor Solution Bundles – The Cable Manager not only organizes the cords, it gets everything off the floor and mounts easily under the desk, leaving your floor space safe and free of cord clutter.

#6: Cord Cuffs – These low profile, adhesive tabs are designed to keep heavy cords in place without leaving a sticky mess behind.

#7: Cable Yo-Yo – Sometimes the cords can get out of control on top of the desk, limiting your work area. These handle little solutions allow you to coil cords, only leaving the exact length you need!

#8: Ikea’s Signum Organizer – This $5 solution hangs from the end of your desk and stashes surge protectors and extra cables out of sight.

#9: Kable Flags – Featuring 3 packages to accommodate your needs: DIY, Computer, or Entertainment. These handy little flags help distinguish which plug you need to pull amongst the tangle of cords at a power strip or CPU.

#10: Good Old Fashioned Twist Ties – In a pinch, check the grocery store aisle for good old fashioned twist ties to tether those cords into tidy bundles.

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