Gadget Guide: Self-Propelled Fun – Top 10 No Batteries Required, Kid-Powered Toys


Does the thought of bringing yet another battery-powered, life-force sucking object into your child’s playroom make you cringe? The statistics don’t lie – kids today aren’t getting enough “Get up and go” time largely due to battery powered toys.

Top 10 No-Batteries-Required, Kid-Powered Toys

#1: Plasma Car – Let’s just say if they made an adult version of this wiggle your bum mode of transportation, less work would get done at the home offices of MOMeo Magazine! Designed for toddlers, the Plasma Car works by turning the steering wheel to get the vehicle going!

#2: Teddy Bear Bouncer – It’s like a cute and cuddly teddy and a fit ball rolled into one for kids! Perfect for pint-sized play, these bouncers are perfect for preschoolers who aren’t yet big enough for Hop Balls.

Available at toy retailers and fitness stores

#3: Little Tikes Alligator Classic Teeter Totter – There’s something universally appealing about piling onto either end of a teeter totter and seeing how fast you can get it rocking. What we love about the Little Tykes version is it works for either indoor or outdoor play!

#4: Monster Frisbee – For the bigger kids (or the big kid in all of us), a giant Frisbee! No, it doesn’t always fly straight and it’s not necessarily easy to catch, but it’s big and fun so who really cares if it’s flight path is a little less than perfect?

#5: Hop Balls – Scaled down versions of your favorite fit ball with a handle for ease-of-use and general, all-purpose fun. Hop Balls still require kids to engage all the core stabilizers of their grown-up counterparts without the need for a boring yoga routine!

Available at fitness retailers.

#6: Big Wheels – Remember coveting your cool neighbor’s fat-wheeled tricycle? Ahh yes, retro toys are the newest thing and Big Wheels are back in all their primary-colored plastic glory!

#7: Instep Pedal Cars – Beep, beep (without the annoying noise of a battery-powered motor grinding away at your nerves)! Instep makes Hot Rod, Fire Truck, and Police Car versions of their foot-powered cars.

#8: Twister Hopscotch – What do you get when you combine Twister and hopscotch? You get a game where the spin determines your route through the Twister rings! Retro fun at its best!

#9: Strider Run Bike – The best way to teach kids how to balance on a bicycle without resorting to using those pesky training wheels. Strider Run Bikes are exactly as they sound: bikes that you operate by running. No pedals, brakes or gears to worry about – just two feet on the ground.

#10: John Deere Pedal Power Mini Loader – Imagine the thrill of a kid-sized digger and that pretty much describes the Mini Loader. It’s a fully functional digger that let’s kids scoop and haul dirt. Gardens beware!


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