Gadget Guide: Top 10 iPhone Apps for Busy Mompreneurs for Work, Life and Play



Our top picks for helping busy mompreneurs with work, life and play!

I know, I know. Everyone and their Golden Retriever is putting out a “best iPhones apps” article these days. But trust us when we say, this is THE list you need. We’ve kept it manageable and filled with time tested, beloved apps. Enjoy!

  1. Shazam – “Ooo – what is the name of that song?” “Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about this song!” “I LOVE this song! Who sings it??” This seriously awesome app allows you to find out the name, artist and album of any song you hear anywhere (in the car, in a restaurant, etc…). It doesn’t recognize every single song in the world, but I have about a 99% success rate. When I hear a song I love, I just “tag” it in Shazam and then can either tweet about it, go buy it on iTunes or post track details to Facebook. Free (but can upgrade to Pro for more tags)
  2. Pandora – If you haven’t heard of Pandora yet, you are in for a surprise – it’s a fabulous online “radio-station” that allows you to listen to playlists inspired by your favorite artist, song or composer. Pandora creates a “station” for you that will play their music and more music like it. You can now use Pandora on your iPhone, which is so fantastic. Five stars! Free
  3. ShakeitPhoto – Basically the coolest photo app for the iPhone, AND the most realistic instant photo experience. It seriously works just like your old Polaroid! You even get to watch the photo develop (shaking your phone makes it develop faster, which is just darn fun). The photo quality is incredible – way better than normal iPhone photos from Camera. I’m considering starting a photography business with this app. It makes me look like I know how to take awesome photos. Will the bride mind when I show up to take her wedding photos with my phone? $0.99
  4. GasBuddy – Arguably the best source of gas prices for the iPhone. It basically has a very comprehensive list of gas prices in the US and Canada. Since gas prices change frequently (especially these days) and can vary as much as 20% from block to block, this app helps you find the lowest price gas. You can find them by zip code or GPS, including distance, directions and estimated drive time to get there. Very useful. $2.99
  5. Cozi – Finally, a way to effortlessly manage your family calendar, shopping lists and to-do lists all in one place! Plus, you can create and manage a family journal, including special moments and photos. It integrates with online Cozi, and syncs with Google Calendars and Outlook. One big bummer: they claim you can integrate with iCal, but not easily and that is a big drawback for us Mac users. $1.99
  6. 20 Minute Meals with Jamie Oliver – Jamie Oliver has done it again. In the wake of his incredible food revolution, he has created probably the best iPhone app ever and certainly the best thing since sliced bread! It comes with a hefty price tag but it is worth every penny. 60 recipes with easy to follow steps, incredible photos, video with tips, techniques and kitchen skills, interactive shopping list (you are going to be amazed!) and no internet connection needed to view recipes. I am in love with this app and with Jamie Oliver! $7.99
  7. OpenTable – This is a must-have for all you foodies out there! You can get free restaurant reservations at over 13,000 OpenTable-enabled restaurants in the US, Canada and the UK. Plus, you get Dining Rewards Points to use as any OpenTable restaurant. Know whether a restaurant has space for you before you load the kids in the car! Free
  8. GroceryGadget – The best way to manage your grocery list while saving trees! You can also import your favorite recipes, and it makes using coupons a breeze! (Hey, that rhymes!) You can also share the list (including photos) with your honey so he doesn’t forget the milk or buy the wrong brand of laundry detergent…again! Basically, it will save your marriage and your sanity. Not bad for under $5.
  9. GymGoal – A fantastic fitness application! Loaded with exercises, workout routines, tracking your measurements, workout logs, and it even plays all of your music to make your workout more entertaining! A fun way to stay in hot mama shape while bringing home the bacon and frying it up in the pan! $3.99
  10. EWG’s Suncreen Buyer’s Guide – An incredibly easy and brilliantly informative way to check on how effective your sunscreen is, including which ones to avoid due to use of dangerous chemicals (yikes!). Makes it easy to evaluate which sunscreen to buy on the fly, especially on vacation or when you are already at the beach! Free

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Tell us about the iPhone Apps that help you to organize, maximize and simplify your busy busy life!


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