Submission Guidelines

Got an idea for a story? We’d love to hear about it!

MOMeo Magazine accepts story ideas and original submissions for the following:

MOMeo Magazine – Journalists and freelance writers send us your ideas for work, family life or playtime for mommy!

Blogger Columns – Mommy bloggers join the ranks of the MOMeo Bloggers by submitting your idea for your very own blogger column.

Expert Resources – Coaches, consultants and experts of all kinds submit your expert posts for inclusion in our From the Experts library.

Not a writer, but got a success story you’d love to share? Tell us all about it!

MOMeo Magazine is always looking for mom entrepreneur success stories and start-ups to share with our audience. Send us your latest success story for:

Success Profile – Showcasing successful mom entrepreneurs and their businesses, the MOMeo Success Profile is about the journey as much as it is about the lessons learned along the way.

Made by Mom – Featuring business built by and for mommies, Made by Mom is all about celebrating what we call “The Mother of Invention.” Send us your mommy-made products and business stories.

The Journey – Sharing the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurs as they walk the path from idea to innovation. Send us your personal essay about your entrepreneurial experience.

Either submit your idea via our Facebook page or tweet publisher and editor, @CarlaYoung. Unsolicited email pitches will be ignored.