Have Gadgets, Will Travel: 10 Tech Tools for Turning Your iPad into a Mobile Office


Ever consider ditching your laptop for an iPad? Let’s face it – even the lightest, most streamlined laptops become a cumbersome load to lug around when traveling by planes, trains and automobiles to meetings and conferences.

That’s why so many clever people have created gadgets and apps designed to turn your iPad into a mobile workstation. All you need is a wifi connection and a good set of earplugs, and you can work virtually anywhere (minus the clunky laptop).

10 Tech Tools for Turning Your iPad into a Mobile Workstation

Gadgets to Turn Your iPad into a Laptop

#1: LogiTech Keyboard Case – A portable keyboard that does double duty as a protective case. LogiTech has a number of different models depending on which generation iPad you are using, including a solar powered keyboard that is powered by ambient light!

#2: Wi-Drive External Data Storage – Don’t want to clutter up your iPad with all your work files? Chances are if your family loves the apps as much as ours do, there isn’t much room for files anyway. Thankfully the Wi-Drive solves that problem with their portable, wireless storage.

#3: Capacitive Stylus Pen – For those of us who never really got the hang of the finger touch thing and long to go back to the days of the stylus pen. Now you can!

Handy Dandy iPad Workstation Accessories

#4: Belkin iPad Travel Stand – Prop up your iPad in portrait or landscape view with this handy dandy travel stand. Sturdy and lightweight, this minimalist design gets the job done without the extra clutter in your carry-on.

#5: Clip on LED Light for eReader – Okay, technically this isn’t an iPad accessory in the traditional sense, but if you are trying to work in the dark, it is handy for both holding and illuminating the papers you are working with.

Helpful iPad Apps for Working On-the-Go

#6: Documents-to-Go – Take your work with you with this Office Suite for the iPad. Open and edit Microsoft Word, and Excel files as well as view PowerPoint and PDF files. Using the desktop application, you can share and sync files easily.

#7: Haiku Deck – Build amazing presentations with the touch of a finger! Built-in layouts, images and fonts allow you to customize your presentation (no design skills required). Share your creation via Facebook, Twitter, email and any web browser!

Portable Power Sources for the iPad

#8: Belkin Micro USB CLA Adaptor – For those occasions when you are traveling by car and you need to recharge your iPad (or any other USB compatible devices), the Belkin Micro USB CLA Adaptor is perfect.

#9: PowerShot Portable Charger – Small enough for a keychain, big enough to give you a little extra juice to make it through the rest of the flight. Recharge the PowerShot using any USB port on your laptop or computer.

#10: Kudo Case Solar Power Charger – Recharge, protect and position your iPad with this multipurpose solar power charging case. It even includes a secondary USB charger for those times when you need to charge your iPhone too!


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  1. These are great apps and accessories. I have a case that doubles as a keyboard, but I have problems typing on a smaller keyboard. I have been experimenting with the iPad’s split keyboard, but I haven’t grown fond of that feature yet.

    Haiku Deck sounds particularly interesting. I will have to check that one out.

    My two suggestions would be Dropbox and Evernote. Those apps let me sync my work between my laptop and my iPad so I can have everything handy no matter which device I am using.

  2. I love your list! I’ve been wanting to have a wi drive for the longest time but it’s so expensive in our country, maybe in the near future 🙂 I would recommend Evernote and Dropbox on the list. Very helpful with syncing for me.

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