Healthy Change Starts with YOU: An Interview with Bob Greene

Finding the time to fit fitness in is a common complaint we hear again and again from our readers. “If only I had more time” is the reason cited for putting off doing what we know we need to do to stay in shape and live a healthier lifestyle.

It’s easy to see WHY a lot of moms put caring for themselves last. Between the looming client deadlines and the after school lesson/homework/bedtime circuit, there is not a lot left over at the end of the day. So I asked best selling author and personal fitness guru, Bob Greene to share his top tips on finding the time!

An Interview with Bob Greene

“People are always looking for tips, but the core answer is that you have to really want it for yourself and you have to know what IT is,” says Greene who admits it’s tough for working parents who have a lot of responsibilities to their families. “People lose motivation when they place things above themselves and their health.”

Greene suggests instead of trying to find ways to make it easier to fit fitness in, people need to focus on the core of WHY they want to get in shape or live a healthier lifestyle. The key is learning how to put you and your health first because when that’s the foundation of your actions, it becomes like brushing your teeth.

“Finding the time is simple. You budget your time based on the time you’ve budgeted for your workout,” says Greene. By connecting with your core motivation, it no longer becomes a question of “How I free up those 30 minutes?” because the day is scheduled around that fitness lifestyle priority.

Without that core philosophy, Greene says it’s easy to lose your focus and stop investing your time and energy in making that change. “I’ve heard every excuse in the book, but no good ones,” jokes Greene. “The reason people start and don’t stay motivated [because] this little voice in their head says they aren’t good enough.”

Usually there is a deeper cause undermining our lifestyle change efforts – a negative perception about ourselves. Greene emphasizes that people need to get to the bottom of that feeling and understand why they aren’t taking care of themselves. “Why do you say you want this life and can’t follow through?” he asks.

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