Healthy, portable summer treats: What to pack or prepare for summer fun in the yard, the park, the beach, the fair, the playground


#1 Frozen Juice Pops Who doesn’t love popsicles on a hot summer afternoon? You may not appreciate the artificial petrochemical taste, but there’s no denying they’re refreshing. If you don’t want you or your kids to miss out on all the frozen fun, consider making them yourself. Simply freeze your favorite juice or drink with these handy moulds and have all the fun with less sugar and calories.

#2 Frozen Yogurt Granola Bars What MOMeo could object to this? Strawberry low fat frozen yogurt, topped with a layer of strawberry fruit filling and crunchy granola. Cover in a tart (not too tart) vanilla yogurt coating.

#3 Fruit Kabobs A summer twist on fruit salad that has the added bonus of keeping fingers from getting sticky. The “recipe” is so simple, we decided to put quotation marks on “recipe.” Slice fruit, and skewer it. That’s it. You can serve with fruit or plain yogurt as a dip, or roll in coconut flakes for taste and fun.

#4 Pita Chips If your summer cravings include crunch, pita chips are a light alternative to potato or corn chips. They tend to be thicker than potato chips in particular, making them great for dipping. Stacy’s Pita Chips are baked twice for extra crunch and use nothing but natural ingredients.

#5 Terra Chips Are a fun, exotic twist on potato chips. They’re made with a host of exotic root vegetables, including yucca, sweet potato, blue potatoes, parsnip, taro, ruby taro, batata, kabocha squash and candy striped beets. They’re also lower in fat than “traditional” potato chips.

#6 Healthy Chocolate You heard me. Xocai Healthy Chocolates contain no caffeine or refined sugars, but real, natural chocolate, raw cane sugar (pure chocolate is quite bitter) and acai & blueberry for antioxidants. Xocai also contains probiotic cultures. Coming in single-bit packets, they’re perfect afternoon fodder.

#7 Popcorn Another classic treat, which ordinarily is by no means good for you. But done right, popcorn can be reasonably good for you (it’s just heated corn kernels, after all.) Without all the artificial flavors and fatty, oily butter, it’s also very light. Oogie’s makes all-natural popcorn snacks with zero sugar, zero trans fats, and no artificial colors or flavors. They come in exotic tastes, such as Smoked Gouda, Spicy Chipotle & Lime, and Caprese.

Do you and your family have a favorite healthy summer treat that we haven’t listed here? Drop us a line and let us know–we love to hear from you!

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