Healthy You: Stress Busters – Simple Ways to Manage Your Tired, Overwhelmed, Stressed-Out Life


Feeling tired? Overwhelmed? Stressed-out? Maybe you feel all three. Let’s face it – there’s no escaping the everyday stresses. Stress is a part of life; however, how you react to stress determines the impact it has on your health.

It may be a challenge to remove or even find balance in your life, but falling into an endless cycle of stress, fatigue and overwhelm will wreak havoc on your health over the long term. The key to handling stress is implementing a stress management system and supporting your body.

Simple Way to Manage the Everyday Stress

#1: Take Time for a Time Out!

Be strong and allow yourself a 5-minute time out. No kid wants to be around a parent who is throwing a little tantrum! Escape to a safe and quiet area in your house, and depending on the reason for your time out, decide whether to punch a pillow till you feel better, write all your feelings and frustrations in a journal, or lay down and concentrate on taking in 5 deep belly breaths. If the stress is extreme, maybe indulge in all three.

#2: Do 10 Jumping Jacks!

If your stressed situation aroused from the kids, stop everything and do 10 jumping jacks. We constantly use the art of distraction with our kids, but now is the perfect time to do it with your body. The kids will wonder what you are doing, then mostly likely join in, which will lead to a giggle or two and a good laugh can relax your muscles for up to 45 minutes. Stress be gone.

#3: Prevent Physical Stressors!

Most parents forget to eat. They remember to feed their kids, but then often forget to feed themselves. When we don’t eat, our body worries about when the next meal will be, causing unneeded physical stress. This type of stress can be controlled by eating regular meals or at least munching on healthy snacks during the day, like nuts, apples, carrots and hummus.

#4: Supplement!

Daily doses of a liquid B vitamin complex, and vitamin C will nourish the physiological pathways in your body to help you handle everyday stress. Pass on your second cup of coffee and instead sip on licorice root tea or chamomile tea.

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Dr. Heather Manley (from Toronto presently living in Hawaii), who in 2001 received her medical degree from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, is a practicing physician whose primary interest is preventative healthcare for families. She is the author of Human Body Detectives, her educational series of story-telling audiobooks and accompanying activity workbooks. She also promotes wellness and naturopathic healthcare on her website She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii with her husband and two daughters, and is currently at work on the next Human Body Detectives adventure.

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