Healthy You: Wondering How You Will EVER be Ready for Bikini Season? 7 Tips for Getting Rid of Your Squishy Bits


Are you unhappy with your squishy bits?

Excuse me?

You know, those parts that spill over the front of your jeans and back of your bra and inspired the invention of spandex human sausage casing, an innovation that made the inventor a fortune from our need to squish the squishy bits.

In the cold winter months, the squishy bits can almost be comforting, like an old friend or homemade soup. But now with the warm weather and invites to lakes and beaches, they’re horrifying. The good news is there are simple ways to shrink said bits of squishiness and get healthier in the process.

7 Tips for Getting Rid of Your Squishy Bits

#1: Eat more often – Sounds like a dream come true right? One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose body fat is not eating often enough. If you want a fired up metabolism, you have to keep all the engines burning and you do that by consistently eating every 3-4 hours. The quality of food on your plate along with portion size is very important. Eat lean proteins, lots of colorful veggies, and complex carbs. A useful reference tool is the Glycemic Index. Try comparing foods and how they are cooked or packaged to find out what’s most nutritious.

#2: Cut out sugar and sodium – Keeping your sodium intake under 1500 mg a day is what the American Heart association recommends. There’s 1200 mg of sodium in just half a teaspoon of salt so you can see how quickly it can become out of control. Too much sugar will add to unwanted weight gain. Beverages like fruit juices, not just sodas, are a sneaky sugar source. Not being aware of your salt and sugar intake is a sure way to increase your squishy bits.

#3: Replace simple carbs with complex carbs – Avoid white foods like white rice and white potatoes. Look at your plate. Do you see lots of color? If you can barely tell the difference between your white plate and your food, it’s time to make different food choices.

#4: Drink lots of water – I admit this is a struggle for me, but it’s important to make a conscious effort to drink water all day. Not only do you need it for a healthy body and beautiful skin, it will also help curb hunger. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink!

#5: Add resistance training – Don’t fall for the myth that resistance training or lifting weights will bulk you up. The great thing about resistance training is if you feel you are gaining muscle too quickly for your liking in one area, you can simply lower the weights and up your reps. The upper thighs and butt is where most fear they’ll add size from resistance training. A problem easily solved with the right type of workouts and a clean diet.

#6: Get enough sleep – If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you’re increasing your levels of stress hormones, which cause you to store fat around your mid-section, the place the squishy bits ooze over your jeans. Most studies suggest 7 hours as the magic number for enough sleep. Try to make your bedtime consistent and you’ll soon notice that you feel better, have more energy and you’ll look better too!

#7: Reward yourself – I’ve never liked the idea of cheat days since that tends to make us feel we are deprived the other 6 days. Try to move away from using food as a reward for yourself and others. Reward yourself with non-food items like a bouquet of flowers or a pedicure or a new book. Overcoming the struggle with food is easier when you don’t see it as a source of your happiness or unhappiness.

The result of a healthy lifestyle is your outside benefits from the investment on your insides. The squishy bits are mostly the result of choices you make on a day to day basis, not just that slab of chocolate cake woofed down when no one was looking. Accountability and being part of a healthy community is what we’re all about at Freaking Fitness and it’s never too late to start down the healthy path for a lifetime and say a farewell to your unwanted squishy bits!


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Joyce Cherrier moved to Louisiana from Maui, Hawaii, where, in the past, she surfed, skim-boarded, professionally windsurfed, was a personal trainer, managed a gym, and co-owned a health-food store. That was her first life. Second life is mom, wife, bass-player and slightly obsessive health nut (nut in the best sense of the word) helping people create a healthy lifestyle by eating well and encouraging physical activity. After over 25 years in sports and fitness, she knows what works and what doesn’t, by trial and error, and hope to share anything she can, and always from the best sources and sound science, to help you be the best you can be! Join Joyce over at Freaking Fitness, a healthy community dedicated to promoting fitness.


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