How to Silence an Annoying Facebook Friend Without Unfriending


So your cousin Dana (twice removed) posts nothing but negative updates whining and complaining about her horrible life. Unfriending her would make the next family reunion a little awkward so you reluctantly skim through your news feed hoping she hasn’t posted anything lately. Besides maybe buying Dana a copy of “Happiness for Dummies” and hoping she comes around to the bright side, there is an easy fix to the problem: silence her.

Well, not literally (obviously).

If you don’t want to see every whining, complaining update that Dana posts or if Dana suddenly develops a serious bout of political incorrectness that sends you into a rage, all you have to do is quiet her. There are two ways of doing this (both require you click that almost invisible little arrow at the top right hand corner of one of HER posts in your news feed) and choose to either:

#1: Hide Post — Clicking on this option will hide that particular post so you won’t see the offending post again and again AND it gives you the option to “See Less from FRIEND”. Selecting that option gives Facebook the feedback that you aren’t particularly interested in what that person posts so they will show you less of their stuff in your news feed.

#2: Unfollow FRIEND — Clicking the “Unfollow FRIEND” option will unfollow them, but not unfriend them. So it means that NONE of their updates, photos, videos, etc. will show up in your news feed BUT (and this is the part that will make the reunion less awkward) you will continue to be friends on Facebook. So Dana will still see your updates and remain blissfully unaware that you don’t see hers.


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