Is There Such a Thing as Oversharing Anymore? 8 Social Media Sites for Sharing Just About Anything



Sometimes you have to wonder if social media is the home of TMI (Too Much Information) both in terms of what gets shared and the sheer quantity of information. If there ever were a virtual gathering of “Oversharers Anonomous”, it would happen on one of the many social media platforms where it seems anything goes!

That’s good news for businesses and brands that can benefit from our voracious appetite for sharing everything and anything. Beyond Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, there is a host of niche social media sites where social sharers can connect on their favorite topics, from start-ups to shopping (and everything in between).

8 Social Media Sites for Sharing Just About Anything

Pinterest – Pinboard meets social site where users ‘pin’ their favorite images of everything from food to fashion. Now one of the fastest growing social media platforms, Pinterest is THE network for brands with a highly visual product or service.

Spotify – Music + friends = fun! Spotify lets you listen to tracks and more importantly, share your favorites with your friends. It even lets you share your picks with your other social media networks.

Kickstarter – Dubbed ‘crowdfunding’, Kickstarter is one of many sites that allow users to tap into the power of social media to get a venture or project off the ground. All you have to do is state your project, what the funders get, typically the product developed by the funding, and your funding goal. It’s an all or nothing proposition so if you fail to hit your goal, you don’t get funded.

GoodReads – Think of it as your virtual bookshelf where you can share what you are currently reading, what you plan on reading and everything you’ve read in the past and would recommend. If you are an author (or even a budding author), this is the social network for you!

Quora – Designed as a Question and Answer platform, Quora aggregates answers to questions from experts, people who have, according to Quora, first-hand knowledge of the topic. Site users offer up answers to questions and rank answers using a system of voting called upvotes. This site is perfect for experts who want to establish their authority on a particular topic.

SlideShare – Imagine you’d like to share the slides from your latest PowerPoint presentation. Just as the name implies, SlideShare lets you do just that! It’s both a sharing community and an online presentation platform that allows you to make your slides public or private, share across other social networks and embed on blogs and web sites.

Chime.In – Whatever you are into, you will likely find kindred spirits on The social network that is all about your interests (whatever those interests are), lets you ‘chime in’ with your opinions, ask questions, and best of all, it lets you share photos.

Biznik – Part online gathering spot, part referral network, Biznik is for independent business people to connect, share referrals and resources and support. Unlike most social media networks where the purpose is reaching a target audience, Biznik is a support community.

What are your favorite social media networks? Did we miss any good ones? Let us know in the comments below!


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