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If you are an entrepreneur (and if you’re not, why are you here?), chances are you’ve had a few (ahem…many) sleepless nights with thoughts whirling around in your brain about all the potential opportunities (and problems) with your business venture.

If you are one of those people, you are not alone. More than one-third of Canadians get less than the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night and a whooping 59 percent have trouble sleeping at least once a week.

The trouble? Racing thoughts.

Not surprisingly, 85 percent of Canadians blame racing thoughts for keeping them up at night. The problem is more a challenge for women than for men with 76 percent of women say they find it hard to turn off their mind at bedtime compared to 62 percent of men.

(Sound familiar, mompreneurs?)

Sleep experts say that while mentally keeping track of our to-do lists helps us feel in control of our day, excessive thinking speeds up our brain waves, making it difficult to turn off the flow of ideas when we go to bed. Given that sleep is essential to both our physical and mental well-being, this is bad news for us get-it-done types.

As someone who suffered for years from busy-brain syndrome, I can tell you that having a little help at bedtime is what helped me retrain my sleep habits. I used to spend hours calculating and recalculating how much sleep I would get if I fell asleep now, or now, or NOW. Usually, it would be an hour before wake-up time when I would finally doze off.

Try These Tips to Put a Stop to Racing Thoughts:

Red Light: STOP bad bedtime habits! Avoid using electronics in bed as the light from these devices stimulates brain activity, making it difficult to fall asleep. Also, stay away from caffeine, alcohol or cigarettes before bedtime.

Yellow Light: SLOW down racing thoughts in the bedroom by writing a to-do list before going to sleep and keeping a pen and paper handy in case any other thoughts pop up during the night.

Green Light: Go to sleep more easily by ending the day with a relaxing nighttime ritual or try a natural health sleep aid like Plarmaton® Sleep Harmony™ to keep your day out of your night.

About Pharmaton® Sleep Harmony™

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One capsule of Pharmaton® Sleep Harmony™ taken daily to help improve sleep quality in those with mild mental stress and help you feel refreshed in the morning, without grogginess. Pharmaton® Sleep Harmony™ is available in the sleep aid section of your local pharmacy.

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