Momentum Monday: Talking is Not the Same as Doing – Why Success Hates Meetings


Success hates meetings. Success hates planning meetings. Success hates going to meetings. Success hates sitting through long, boring meetings. Success hates everything about meetings BECAUSE talking is not the same as doing. And talking, talking, talking is something meetings are especially good at.

Talking is intention. Talking is future. Talking is maybe. Talking is potential. Taking is EASIER than doing. Talking requires very little effort. Talking is quite possibly the farthest thing from doing. But doing is exactly what you need to do to succeed.

That’s why your job as an entrepreneur is to show up, every single day, and do! And not just any do (because many to-do’s fall into the category of distractions), you need to do the right things, the things that move your business forward and build momentum!

How to Get Out of the Talking, Talking, Talking Habit

#1: Radically Shorten Meetings – Instead of scheduling the long, drawn out, everyone’s invited to discuss and brainstorm meetings, consider planning more frequent power check in meetings. If you are finding it difficult to keep the meetings short, try holding meetings standing up.

#2: Change Your Meeting Strategy – Consider meetings short-term strategy sessions that allow you to refocus on immediate priority tasks and current projects. The purpose is to translate discussion into action, not rehash what has already been accomplished and drag out decision-making.

#3: Follow-up…FAST! – Make it a priority to send out an email summary of key decisions and task assignments immediately after the meeting. That way you won’t miss any key details and the momentum started in the meeting will continue.

#4: If You Dare Say It, Do It – Meaning commit to it or keep your mouth shut! The reason is if you get in the habit of breaking your ‘spoken’ promises, you become lax in your expectations. Think of it as a slippery slope – the first time you break a promise is hard, but after that, it’s no big deal and it quickly becomes a habit.


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