Momentum Monday: What Kind of a B*TCH Are You? 5 Sources of Inspiration for Your Inner B with an Itch


Sometimes life (and business) demands you put on your big b*tch boots and firmly put your high heel clad foot down. We all have a few friends who are (ahem) naturally gifted in that department (to put it mildly).

If you are like most of us, that particular negotiating skill doesn’t come so naturally to you (and thank goodness really). So what’s a good girl to do when the time comes to kick a little (well, you know)? Simple: it’s time to channel your inner B with an Itch!

Think of it as your special magical shoes for dealing with tough situations. When contractors fail to deliver on time, client invoices go unpaid long after the due date, or when people push your boundaries to the limit.

Just because the shoes (or big b*tch boots) don’t fit doesn’t mean you can’t wear ‘em from time-to-time.

5 Sources of Inspiration for Your Inner B with an Itch

The best way to muster up that almighty courage is to find a source of inspiration, a bitchy muse, if you will. In order of bitchiness…

#1: Bree Van de Kamp – Don’t be fooled by this polite and seemingly perfect Desperate Housewife. Behind the suburban charm, Bree is a card-carrying member of the NRA who makes herself abundantly clear, capable of sweetly smiling while issuing thinly veiled threats.

#2: Miranda Priestly – Oh how we love to hate the corporate power bitch from The Devil Wears Prada. Demanding and dismissive, she won’t be pushed around by anyone. If you dare question her, she will promptly end the conversation with a perfunctory nod or a raised eyebrow.

#3: Madonna – Say what you will about her, Madonna is a “My way or the highway” woman. Early in her career, she refused to compromise, saying “I’d rather go back to New York city and starve!” That stubborn attitude is what has kept the Material Girl at the top for decades.

#4: Lady MacBeth – The original B with an Itch! Take a cue from her and “Screw your courage to the sticking place” and get it done! There’s no messing around with the Lady – she doesn’t suffer fools lightly.

#5: Leona Helmsley – Reputed to be the Queen of Mean, Leona earns the top spot for the best of the bad. So when you really need to put the Grr… in girl, channel your inner Queen of Mean and don’t take any guff from anyone!


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