Momentum Monday: Why Sunday is More Important than Monday for Building Momentum


Momentum is a funny thing. It has the ability to skyrocket your productivity and give you amazing, virtually unstoppable speed or it can just as easily stick you stuck right to the spot and keep you from moving any which way.

That’s why Monday is so important to your momentum.

Start the week of flustered and unsure what to tackle first and you immediately start off feeling behind and overwhelmed. If you, however, start your week ultra productive and motivated, you set the tone for unstoppable momentum.

The good news is that if you use Sunday to get a jump-start on your week, you exponentially increase your chances of having an unstoppable week, free of distraction and overwhelm.

5 Must-do Sunday Momentum Building Preparation Tasks

#1: Calendar Review – Scan your calendar and task lists for the coming week. Check for any time crunches, tightly scheduled days with little prep time between activities or overlapping deadlines.

Knowing what you week will be like will let you set more realistic goals, and prepare for time crunches in advance (even if the preparation is just getting mentally prepared for a crazy day).

#2: Seeding – Projects that start on a Monday and wrap up on a Friday rarely lose momentum so try to break your projects into key milestones that can be accomplished in a Monday to Friday time span.

Kick off your projects by sending out seeding emails to people who you would like to connect with during the week. If possible, schedule meetings and calls for early in the week to give yourself time for further follow-up and wrap-up before Friday.

#3: Clear the Clutter – Tidy up your workspace, remove any of the creative distractions and finish up any loose ends from the previous week.

Clearing clutter is an important task, but it’s the #1 momentum killer because it doesn’t move you forward or build any momentum. Handling decluttering activities on a Sunday eliminates the possibility of it turning into a distraction Monday morning.

#4: Prepare your Projects – Pull the files, do a mental download on the project and outline the necessary steps. Even better, schedule work blocks to handle each step!

Do whatever you need to do to prepare for Monday morning so all you need to do is sit down and start tackling projects. Finishing that first big task or accomplishing a key milestone first thing Monday morning is critical to building your momentum.

#5: Goal Setting – Get crystal clear on what you need to do this week to move your business forward. If you wait to get clear until Monday morning when the telephone starts ringing and the emails start piling up, you risk losing focus.

The next step is to create your 2 to 3 item ‘must-do’ list for Monday morning and perhaps for the entire week. Again, the clearer your goals and objectives are for Monday morning, the greater the chances are of building unstoppable momentum.

How do you build unstoppable momentum and avoid time-vortexes and distractions? Share your ideas in the comments below. We’d love to hear them!


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Carla Young, Publisher If there’s living proof that women can have it all – and then some – it’s Carla Young. Building her multiple businesses on a virtual work-at-home model, Carla is an inspiration to other mothers who want to start a lifestyle business. During her early days as a mom entrepreneur, Carla made every single mistake in the book (and a few new ones for good measure). Realizing that “doing it all” was unhealthy and unsustainable, Carla started by getting organized to the extreme, developing support systems for both her work and family. After other mothers started asking how they too could enjoy her lifestyle, Carla launched to support moms at work, at home and at play (because every mommy deserves a little me-time)!


  1. I have a housework chart that I stick to almost religiously! I have a few things a day that I do. It keeps me on top of the things around the house as I am a mom of 4 on top of my facepainting biz that I run from home! If I miss a day it is ok, I have learned not to panic about it! I usually do any promoting of my biz a couple days a week that I set time aside for. I also use my slow cooker ALOT! Put stuff in it at lunch and it is done for supper! Thanks for the blog!! I really enjoy reading it! 🙂

  2. Wonderful tips here, Carla!
    I should really use some type of chart or something to keep me more on task. I tend to start lots of things at once and then get frazzled/overwhelmed. I’m learning, though!

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