Mommy and Me Activities: Keeping Kids Busy During Your Family Staycation


Looking for Mommy and Me activities to keep your kids busy during their school holiday? It’s time to start planning because spring break will be here before you know it (and after that, summer holidays and let’s not forget Christmas holidays)! You don’t have to travel far with your family to feel a million miles away.

Mommy and Me Activities for Your Family Staycation

Backyard Camping: Set up a tent with sleeping bags. Bring out glow sticks, games and snacks.

Science Day:  Find several science projects that are age appropriate. Make sure you have all the supplies so you are ready to create some crazy concoctions. Check out for family-friendly projects!

Drive- In Movies: Gather a few large boxes and have the kids decorate them. Then find a new movie that the kids will love and project it on a wall. Make some popcorn and you have your very own drive-in theatre.

Museum Day: Most major cities have great museums with FREE days. Research when those days are and plan a day of it. Make sure to get an early start as they get crowded.

Playdates: Invite a few friends over and make homemade pizza for lunch and have a project ready. Painting rocks, making monsters out of milk jugs or making a chalk mural on the driveway are great group projects.

Staycation: Find a kid friendly hotel in your city with a pool! If you spend the night on a weekday you can get some great rates! You can enjoy the pool during the day, eat out at a fun city restaurant and watch a movie in the hotel. The Chicago Swissotel has Kids Suites, offering children their very own separate but adjoining room filled with kid-sized table and chairs, coloring books, DVDs, video games and stuffed animals.


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