Monday Matters: Here’s How to Make the Most of It


If you have read any of the Momentum Monday posts, you know that (in my humble opinion) it all starts on Monday. Monday is when you decide the priorities for the coming week, Monday is when get things moving and shaking, Monday is when you set the tone for how productive (or not) your week will be. So with all that potential energy at your disposal, what should you do with it? Everything and anything!

How to Make the Most of Your Monday Momentum:

Sum Up and Strategize – Take inventory of your current strengths and weaknesses and strategize what you want to do next. Perhaps there is a big opportunity staring you right in the face that you should be capitalizing on. Monday is a good day to think about it because you have the whole week ahead of you to explore and implement those ideas.

Prioritize and Plan – Decide what tasks on your to-do list must get done in the following week, which ones can wait and which ones just plain need to be handed off. Reviewing your task list on Monday means you are focusing on doing things that move you forward instead of simply responding to tasks that happen to land on your desk. Not every task needs doing by you (if it needs doing at all).

Manage the Money – If you have a system for tracking sales and billing, make it a habit to review these reports on Monday. That means flagging any outstanding invoices that need reminding, pending sales that need a quick follow-up and finishing up any project work that could be billed. Knowing this information on a Monday means if you are falling behind where you want to be financially, you can kick it into high gear for the coming week.

Outsource or Eliminate – Clear the task clutter off of your to do list by re-evaluating any tasks that have languished at the bottom of your list for multiple weeks in a row. Not projects that take more than one week to complete, but the ones can keep getting bumped to the bottom. Decide which ones need to be outsourced and which ones can be eliminated.

Get Started – Don’t wait until Tuesday to start crossing tasks off your list, START NOW! As much as it sounds like Monday is all about strategy, that should only be 1 or 2 hours of your day. The remainder should be focused on getting things going, especially tasks that requires more time or require input from other people. Your #1 goal on Monday is to start projects and priority tasks that you can wrap up by Thursday (read my post on 4+1 work week for the reason why).


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  1. Great suggestions! People usually dread Mondays. Most heart attacks and strokes occur on Mondays. But if we approach Monday as a weekly “New Year’s Day” where we get to review our progress and plan for creating the future we desire, everything changes. Thanks for the helpful tips.

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