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Ahhh…summer has officially arrived! Here’s to days of sunshine, playing with our kids in the backyard, revving up the sprinkler, going on outdoor adventures, picnics in the park, enjoying patio-time with friends, gardening, evening walks and just plain old kicking-back!

Summer is definitely here for a good time (but not a long time), so who wants to be stuck cooking in the kitchen? We know we don’t! Here are our top favourite no-cook, no-fuss salad recipes to get you back out there enjoying your summer (while keeping your kitchen cool)!

No Cook, No Fuss Strawberry Balsamic Spinach Salad

Let’s face it, strawberries drizzled with Balsamic vinegar is just meant to be! Rinse then dry spinach leaves. Top with sliced strawberries, almond slices and cubes of feta cheese. Mix together olive oil, Balsamic vinegar and honey to taste and drizzle over top of salad. Serve with crusty bread, a glass of vino and voila – instant no-cooking required gourmet!

No Cook, Ready-In-an-Instant Chicken Caesar Salad

Everybody loves Caesar salad and this quick salad definitely hits the mark! Rinse and dry torn-up Romaine lettuce and put in individual bowls large enough to make a meal-sized salad. Top with store-bought garlic and herb croutons, cooked chunks of chicken (i.e. leftovers from the night before, a rotisserie chicken or pre-packaged sliced chicken breast from your local supermarket), grated parmesan cheese and toss with your favourite pre-made Caesar salad dressing. Oh…and to make it more fancy-smancy tuck a lemon wedge on the side of the salad!

Fast and Easy No Cook Steak and Goat Cheese Salad

One of our household fave’s! Ok…probably because it has goat cheese in it! Tear up some crunchy leafy greens (i.e. Romaine, green leaf etc) rinse and pat dry. Top with pre-cooked slices of beef (i.e. leftover grilled steak from the night before, pre-packaged cooked beef slices), pat generous dollops of goat cheese on top (plain or herb), toss in some halved cherry tomatoes and a few walnut pieces (optional). Toss with your favourite tangy vinaigrette or make your own dressing by whisking some olive oil, Dijon mustard, Balsamic vinegar (or red wine vinegar) cracked black pepper and a touch of honey. PS – we have substituted the steak with candied salmon in this recipe with much success!

No Cook Tropical Mandarin Chicken Salad

Tropical and refreshing (not to mention quick and easy)! Rinse and pat dry romaine lettuce or green leafy lettuce. Top with pre-cooked chicken, canned mandarin orange slices and pecan halves (maple crusted pecans are especially yummy in this recipe). Toss with a store bought mandarin orange or raspberry dressing. Yum!

Quick No Cook Ham and Egg Salad

Quicker than take-out and packs a little protein punch! Toss previously cooked hard-boiled egg slices, cubes of ham and fresh diced tomatoes with washed and dried ice berg lettuce. Top with your fave Thousand Island dressing and sprinkle some grated cheddar on top. Finish off your meal with a bowl of cut-up fruit topped with a dollop of plain yogurt. Woohoo!


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