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For today’s sassy sales lesson – I want you to think about something you were ready to purchase and then for one reason or another…you decided against it at the last minute. And you walked out of the store, or put the object down, or left the shopping cart on Amazon before checking out or you emailed back and said…“I’ve changed my mind.”

I hate to break this to you but YOUR customers are doing this to YOU as well.


I know, I know – pull yourself off the floor and back into your chair…pick up your cup of spilled tea (or wine) and let’s dive into how you can FIX THIS PRONTO.

How NOT To Lose The Sale When Customers Are Ready To Buy

Have you ever heard the expression…

“Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched?”

Well chickie – have you ever thought you had a sale signed, sealed and delivered and you were already dreaming of how you would spend the money? And then, from out of nowhere, the customer changed their mind and you felt like a completely cracked egg? We’ve all been there. The problem is – most of the time – YOU CAUSED the customer to change their mind.

There are some Golden Egg Rules that I live by and I want you to do the same.  In fact, I highly recommend you tattoo them on your butt.

The 6 Sales Diva Golden Egg Rules:

#1: Strike While The Iron Is Hot – Someone has been referred to you, contacted you or showed interest in your products/services when you met? Follow up with them IMMEDIATELY – not 5 days from now. Ignore people and they will go away and choose someone else.

#2: It’s All About Them – Before you blah, blah all about you and what you sell – really listen to the prospective customer and what they are looking for. Don’t put words in their mouth or their last word will be NO.

#3: Don’t Over-Promise and Under-Deliver – Oh boy – I see this a lot. Lots of talk, no action and no credibility to back it up. If the client needs the proposal by Wednesday – say that you’ll have it to them Wed (don’t say Monday) and then have it to them Tuesday afternoon. They’ll think you’re a superstar and then you’re not apologizing on Monday WHY you didn’t get it to them on time.

#4: Reassure That They’ve Made The Right Decision – Mention it is one of your top sellers, or your most popular item. Mention it is has been in the media or has been successful for many other people. People want to feel excited AND relieved they made the right choice!

#5: Zip Thy Lip – So the customer is ready to buy and you keep on talking? Best way to kill a sale.  People will get frustrated or you’re going to say something that pushes a button. When you make the sale, say thank-you, change the topic, and zip thy lip!!

#6: Send A Thank You Card – Now I know if you’re selling thousands of people online, you can’t send a card to them all. But for most of us, we can send a thank you card to people who bought a significant amount from us, or our automated message can certainly say thank you as well.  Send it by mail if at all possible – I love opening my mailbox and seeing FUN MAIL – don’t you?

Always remember – the biggest emotion you can show a hot prospect, or a customer is RESPECT and that you understand them. So follow the Sales Diva Golden Egg Rules and you won’t have customers changing their mind at the last minute and watching your sales walk away again.

(Nowwwww – who do you need to send a thank you card to today??)

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  1. its funny how true number 4 is. I actually find if you under promise and talk yourself down in the right way, they do the talking up for you. Not something I would always recomend, but still worth noting.

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