Organize It! Organizing Room by Room – Conquering Closet Clutter Chaos


Do you dread opening your closet? Do you wonder what exactly is in there? Is it time to bite the bullet and get it organized?

How to Conquer Closet Clutter Chaos

In the Master Bedroom…

Get Serious with Sizes – Unless you are saving it for a special occasion, such as maternity clothes, ditch the sizes that you do not want to be. If you are holding onto smaller clothes that you plan to get back into, there’s no use torturing yourself and pull them out and pack them away.

Feel It – Just because it fits, doesn’t mean you should keep it. Try it on and see how it makes you feel. If it doesn’t put a smile on your face, ditch it – there’s no use cluttering up your closet with clothes you are never going to wear.

Practice Ageism – If you haven’t worn it in over a year, seriously consider tossing it. Chances are there’s a reason you pass it by every time you step into your closet. If it’s because you can’t see it, decluttering your closet will fix the problem!

Invest – Custom closets used to be just for the uber rich. There are many options now that allow you to create a closet that works for you and your clothes. Adding custom storage solutions that fit your style and wardrobe with help keep you organized.

Don’t Forget Hubbie – Tired of your husband’s clothes piling up? Set him up with a closet that gives all of his clothes a home and they will be more likely to end up there.

In the Kids’ Rooms…

Sort and Stash – If your little ones are under two, we recommend having their next size of sorted and easy to see in the closet. The Samla line from Ikea work well because they are clear, giving you an at-a-glance view of what you need and more importantly, what you don’t need.

Put an End to the Piles – Tired of your kids just tossing their clothes in their closets? Maybe it’s your fail. Ask yourself: Can they easily reach the bars/shelves? Is the closet designed for their smaller clothes? We highly recommend modular solutions for younger/smaller kids. Shelving that grows (and more importantly shrinks) to their size is more likely to get used.

What to Do with Your Unwanted Clothes?

Consignment – Consignment stores only accept newer, under two years, and more higher end clothing. There are also the vintage stores that will take older, more unique clothes.

Donate – Look for local charities that will give your clothes new life and help someone in need. Organizations such as “Dress for Success” will take women’s’ professional clothes to help economically disadvantaged women get back to work.

Resist the Urge to Give Away – Unless it’s something absolutely fabulous and in perfect condition, do not pass on your fashion faux pas’s.

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  1. After many years, I am totally fine with getting rid of clothes that don’t fit. Now it’s my husband who’s the problem! He’s lost weight and I’m encouraging him to wear smaller clothes because he looks better, but he won’t get rid of the old ones.

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