Organize It! Organizing Room by Room – Give Daddy His Space On His Day


I often get asked if the gift of organizing is a good idea and as a rule I say, “No.” Most often those asking this question are the male half of a relationship equation. Generally the surprise gift of organizational services is kind of like a booking your loved one a trip to fat camp – yes, we might need it, but it is not something we want wrapped in a bow.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. One being when our partner asks for professional help and two, when the space that needs to be organized belongs to a man. The reason is men feel less judged when they are offered organizing assistance. So if you are stumped for what to give Dad for Father’s Day, take a look at his “man spaces” and see if the gift of an organized space is right for him.

How to Give Daddy the Gift of Organization

#1: Pick the Project – What “man” space is currently not up to par? Is it the man cave in the basement? His home office? The garage? Last year, I reorganized our garage for my husband after hearing him sigh, “Someday I would actually like to be able to park my car in the garage.”

#2: Make the Plan – Do you want this to be a surprise? If so, how will you get Dad out of the house to do the work? Does dad have a business trip coming up? Has his buddy mentioned a weekend fishing trip? Don’t get all hung up on having the big reveal actually happen on Father’s Day – Dad will love it whenever it arrives!

#3: Get Help – Although Dad may often give out A’s for effort for the ugly tie gift or the handmade card, let’s not give him a half done room. Rally the troops. Get the kids involved, get help from a friend or if you have the budget, hire a professional. Dad deserves it, doesn’t he?

#4: Get Rid of Your Crap – At least in our household, Dad’s spaces become the dumping ground for other projects. Think shoemaker’s kids syndrome. The first work you need to do is rid Dad’s space of your stuff. Find another home for it, get rid of it or find a way to minimize it so it doesn’t clutter up the joint.

#5: Resist the Urge to Throw Out His Crap – Unless there are things that Dad has specifically identified as something he wanted to ditch, don’t throw away his things. Old pizza boxes aside, the last thing you want is to ruin the gift with Dad’s realization that you have thrown out his favorite whatever.

#6: Man Up the Storage Solutions – Chances are the space will need some storage solutions. No “pretty” keepsake boxes allowed. Take your cue from Dad himself. Is he rock and roll, sporty sporty, lumberjack or minimal man? Pick a style that reflects what he loves, not only will it be functional, but he will appreciate that it is all about him.

#7: Go the Extra Mile – Take the project to the next level by showcasing something he loves and perhaps enjoys in his “man space”. Does Dad have a box of memorabilia from his favorite team that is collecting dust? Trophies or medals from his own achievements? Mementos from a favorite trip or hobby? Coveted tools that don’t have a home? Whatever it is, a “manly” display case giving these items a place of honor in the newly organized “man space” will give your project that extra WOW factor and show Dad just how much he is appreciated.

Wishing every Dad a very Happy Fathers Day!

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  1. Awesome idea!!! Perfect for low-budget families who are at a loss on what to do for Dad this Father’s Day. I think this is what we are gonna do ourselves!!! 🙂

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