Overcoming Obstacles When Starting a Business by @SimpleMills


“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.”

Self-discipline and unwavering motivation are keys to success for any entrepreneur. Still, obstacles will come your way. How you overcome those obstacles will set you apart from your competitors and propel your business to new heights.

How to Overcome Obstacles When Starting a Business

Remember That It ALL Matters: As entrepreneurs, we are constantly making sure that we plan out our week and prioritize what we’re going to do. That means working even when no one is watching.

Going to the post office in the middle of a snowstorm when you’re absolutely exhausted, baking for eight hours straight before a 700-person tradeshow—the things that seem like they won’t make a difference. They do. All of it.

Build a Strong Network of Mentors: Having amazing mentors to guide and inspire you is paramount. When I began my business, I was lucky to have a friend who had started a small food company. He knew how to register the business and find a co-packer. Next, he introduced me to another entrepreneur who was in 25 stores. She taught me how to get into our first stores AND how to ensure success in those stores.

Then, I reached out to another food entrepreneur who has products in 1,000-2,000 stores. She taught me how to identify and work with brokers and how to negotiate contracts with distributors. It’s important to always talk to people who are at the “next level,” and learn how they got there. And don’t forget to return the favor when a young entrepreneur approaches you!

Passion! Excitement! BRING IT! Don’t start a business unless you are over the moon, 150% excited and passionate about the work you want to do. There will be times when you spill freeze-dried banana powder all over your living room floor and spend the next four hours washing every part of your vacuum cleaner, times when you are wheeling four suitcases and then trip over them getting off an escalator in the airport, times when you fly eight hour round trips in the same day.

You still have to look at those moments and say, “Man, I LOVE this!” You have to love it at its worst. Starting a business is incredibly risky. You have to be okay with the prospect of never making a dime on the business, and still love it for the experience and what you are trying to make happen. Trust me—the ride is TOTALLY worth it.


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Katlin Smith is the founder and CEO of Simple Mills.  Katlin is a Chicago-based entrepreneur who just wanted to feel better. Her joints hurt, but when a good friend suggested she try going gluten-free Katlin’s health began to turn around. So, Smith, not your average 20-something, founded Simple Mills, a new and exciting company offering grain-free baking mixes made with simple, whole-food ingredients that are naturally high in protein and low in sugar. Award-winning Simple Mills is currently in more than 500 stores nationwide and is one of the best selling muffin mixes on Amazon.

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