Personal Pep Talks: How to Bribe, Beg or Even Bully Yourself to Get It Done


Sometimes you just don’t want to do it, other times you don’t feel like you have it in you to do it. When that happens, whatever the reason for the lack of motivation, we all need to give ourselves a personal pep talk to get it done!

Not one of those Stuart Smalley “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and dog-done it, it people like me” mirror affirmations, but a straightforward internal dialogue with yourself when you just don’t feel like it.

How to Bribe, Beg or Bully Yourself to Get It Done

#1: Bribe Yourself – Bribery works for those tasks you loathe doing, but know that EVENTUALLY have to do. It can be as simple as your favorite chocolate parked on your desk for when the task is done or a day off for finishing up a big yucky project.

#2: Set False Deadlines – Shortening the amount of time you have to fuss about a task often makes it easier to get right down to business and get it done. The trick with setting false deadlines is not letting it slip just because you can. Consider it an unbreakable promise that you make to yourself because it’s as slippery slope when you start accepting lame excuses from yourself for not getting it done.

#3: Connect with Your Purpose – Remind yourself why you are doing this task anyway. Will it make your business run more smoothly down the road? Will it help you expand or grow? Will it improve your profitability?

#4: Give the Tough Talk – Take a deep breath and launch into the “Suck it up Buttercup” pep talk (you know, the one you would give a friend if she were in your shoes). It’s all fine and dandy to try all the soft stuff, but when push comes to shove, you still need to get it done and that’s where you owe yourself some tough love.

#5: Get Help – When all else fails, enlist help! Even if it’s someone to keep you company while you work on the dreaded task, like sorting those expense receipts that your accountant keeps asking for. It’s harder to avoid doing a task when there is someone there to help you with it.


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Carla Young, Publisher If there’s living proof that women can have it all – and then some – it’s Carla Young. Building her multiple businesses on a virtual work-at-home model, Carla is an inspiration to other mothers who want to start a lifestyle business. During her early days as a mom entrepreneur, Carla made every single mistake in the book (and a few new ones for good measure). Realizing that “doing it all” was unhealthy and unsustainable, Carla started by getting organized to the extreme, developing support systems for both her work and family. After other mothers started asking how they too could enjoy her lifestyle, Carla launched to support moms at work, at home and at play (because every mommy deserves a little me-time)!


  1. Thanks for these tips, Carla. 

    Setting aside time also makes a difference (e.g., a meeting with yourself). If you schedule in advance, the important items are already included in the calendar. Other items go around these “rocks”. This idea is from The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

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