Pint-Sized Party Ideas: 3 Fun Games to Make Your Kid's Birthday Party a Hit


So your kid’s birthday is coming up and you’ve already started preparing for this exciting day. While the food and the decorations are essential parts to any celebration, the games are where the real heart of the party happens.

Games are always a great way to bring your guests together and make each child feel included. If you choose the right games, they will create an environment for bonding. You always want all of the guests to leave feeling like they had a really fun time.

3 Awesome Birthday Party Games for Kids

Birthday Party Game #1: Messy Egg Relay Race

One thing that all kids have in common is that they love making messes. So why not kick off your kid’s party with the messy egg relay race?

The best place to play this game is outside in the yard. Separate the kids into two teams. Each team will line up and have up to 10 players each. Each team will have a bowl with 15 raw eggs placed on a chair next to the first person in line. On the opposite side of the yard, there should be a large table with two empty bowls where the kids will put their eggs.

Each player will have to balance a raw egg on a spoon to the other side of the yard. If they let the egg fall they need to go back and get another egg. There are 5 extra eggs in the bowl for this purpose. When they reach the table, they will place the egg in the bowl without cracking it. Then they run back to their team and tag the next player in line.

The first team to fill the bowl with 10 eggs wins. If you would like to play this game indoors, then you’ll have to previously boil the eggs so that when they fall on the ground, they won’t create a mess.

Birthday Party Game #2: Treasure Hunt

It’s amazing how kids love those little prizes that we can find for cheap prices. When you’ve taken the day to run errands, stop by a Dollar Store and purchase lots of cute prizes such as tiny cars, masks, fairy wands, candy, chocolates, whistles, and even soap bubbles.

You can also buy them in the theme that you chose for your party. So if you chose a theme like Backyardigans, you can buy backyardigans party supplies and favors that can be used during the treasure hunt. Before any of the kids arrive, hide all of the prizes in different corners of the house and out in the yard if you have good weather.

When it’s game time, each child will receive a small plastic sack for them to put all of the trinkets that they find. Kids will have 10 minutes to find as many prizes as they can. The child with the most prizes in their sack will win an extra special grand prize.

Birthday Party Game #3: Playdough Sculpture Competition

Stimulate the artist in each child by having a playdough competition. To tie this game in with the theme that you’ve chosen for the party, have them make sculptures out of the main characters.

For example; if you’ve decided to throw a disney cars birthday party, have them make scupltures of Lightning McQueen. Give each child 3 colors of playdough. They could also make a second creation of whatever they felt like doing.

Have different categories so that everyone can win. For example: the funniest, most unique, most creative, prettiest, etc. Buy prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. By doing this everyone will end up winning something and feeling happy about it all.

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