Raising Readers: How to Build Strong Literacy Skills for Life by @KidsWrite4Kids


According to Statistics Canada, “strong literacy skills are closely linked to the probability of having a good job, decent earnings, and access to training opportunities.”

Literacy skills are just as important as ever and with our busy lives and schedules. After taking your child to piano lessons to hitting the gym to strategizing business plans, it’s easy for literacy to slip from the to-do list. Here are five fun (and not too time consuming) ways to improve your child’s literacy skills:

Writing Contests

Writing contests are an extraordinary way to keep your kid writing. Encourage them to make their story to stand out and be original. Mompreneurs may not always have the funds to enter their children into writing contest, but not all contests require a fee before submission. Kids Write 4 Kids is a great contest that children can submit their writing to for free! Kids Write 4 Kids by Ripple Foundation is a Canadian creative writing challenge for children who are enrolled as fulltime students from grades 4 to 8. The child who wins gets their writing published and the proceeds from the book sales are donated to the author’s school. Enter the contest here!


There used to be something called D.E.A.R time, which stands for Drop Everything And Read during children’s school schedules. Schedule a time during the week where they can spend some time just reading at home. Whether it’s their favourite book or they want to pick up a magazine or newspaper, make sure their DE.A.R time happens. Reading keeps their minds active, improves their literacy skills, and keeps them productive, which in turn gives you the opportunity to tackle your to-do list!

Field Trips to Your Local Library

These days everything seems to cost a lot of money…except trips to your local library. Take your child to the library and borrow books. It saves you some money and gives your child new material to read while allowing their literacy skills to thrive.

Book Club for Kids 

Having social engagements are important for both child and mother. Host a book club with your child and your child’s friends. Let them pick a book they all enjoy and have them get together over some cookies and milk to discuss it. Let each child take a turn suggesting their favorite fiction to the group! Not only will this be educational and improve your child’s literacy skills, this can be seen as a fun activity your child can do with his or her friends.

Mommy & Me Reading Time

Children tend to imitate what their parents do. If your child notices you spend time during the day to read, they’ll do it to. The best way to get your child in the habit of reading would be for them to see you to reading.


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